Re: Source One & Outlook OST Files

OST file contains emails, contacts, drafts, tasks and it is significant of MS Outlook. But, due to various reasons it starts creating error such as OST file cannot be opened, OST file cannot synchronize with the Exchange server and more. However, OST to PST Converter tool, which deals with all OST issues and corruption problem. It quickly removes error OST files and restores all email items in DBX,EML, MSG, PDF,TEXt and HTML file.


How can I get the information to display in TEP? SOA Agent is in AIX platform and Core file generated.

How can I get the information to display in TEP? **(SOA Agent in AIX platform)**.
Core file generated and finding it is dumped by kd4agent.(content of core file referring kd4agent)

==> I ran the core debugger command and got following result :

dbx /opt/itmtivoli/aix523/d4/bin/kd4agent /opt/itmtivoli/bin/core

Type ‘help’ for help.
warning: The core file is not a fullcore. Some info may not be available.
warning: The core file is truncated. **You may need to increase the ulimit
for file and coredump**, or free some space on the filesystem.
[using memory image in /opt/itmtivoli/bin/core]
reading symbolic information