Delete File Component causes System.UnauthorizedAccessException

I need a solution


We are using a workflow form to import computers into our environment (yes, still 7.5, we’re working on that).

We create a predefinedcomputers.csv as it can be found in \servernscapbinWin32X86DeploymentSamplePreDefinedComputers, and to be correct, we create a copy of that file in that specific location.

Everything works fine when I try it in the debugger, but after publishing and when using the published workflow, I get a System.UnauthorizedAccessException for the path.

Any ideas?




How to Debug iOS App Wrapped with XenMobile MDX Toolkit

In XenMobile, when we wrap the iOS app with MDX toolkit, deploy it to the device, and then try to debug the app in Xcode, we find that the debugger will not stop at the breakpoint line. The default build settings in Xcode does not allow the code to stop when breakpoints are hit. This article lists the changes to the Build settings that will allow you to debug the iOS app that is wrapped with MDX toolkit.


How to Enable the Streaming Client Debug Console

Note: The following procedure must be completed on the server if “Streaming to Server” is required and on the workstation if “Streaming to Client” is required.

Caution! Refer to the Disclaimer at the end of this article before using Registry Editor.

To enable the Streaming Client Debug Console on a 32-bit device

Make the following changes to the registry on the machine that is running the Streaming Client:

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Citrix/Rade/

ADD DWORD “EnableDebugConsole”

ADD Value =1

To enable the Streaming Client Debug Console on a 64-bit device

Make the following changes to the registry on the machine that is running the Streaming Client:

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wow6432/Citrix/Rade/

ADD DWORD “EnableDebugConsole”

ADD Value =1

Note: The Streaming Client Debug Console sends the real-time information to the command prompt and not to a text file.

To save the data

  1. Use the MARK/COPY/PASTE options. Use MARK, then select ALL, and then COPY.

  2. Paste the text into Notepad.

Note: For large applications, it might be necessary to increase the buffer in the command prompt before running the Streaming Client Debug console (edit the properties of the command prompt).

To disable the Streaming Client Debug Console

To disable the debugger, change the EnableDebugConsole value from 1 to 0.


How can I get the information to display in TEP? SOA Agent is in AIX platform and Core file generated.

How can I get the information to display in TEP? **(SOA Agent in AIX platform)**.
Core file generated and finding it is dumped by kd4agent.(content of core file referring kd4agent)

==> I ran the core debugger command and got following result :

dbx /opt/itmtivoli/aix523/d4/bin/kd4agent /opt/itmtivoli/bin/core

Type ‘help’ for help.
warning: The core file is not a fullcore. Some info may not be available.
warning: The core file is truncated. **You may need to increase the ulimit
for file and coredump**, or free some space on the filesystem.
[using memory image in /opt/itmtivoli/bin/core]
reading symbolic information


Phantom variables in data set merge

Hi all,

I have been working on a script for a few months to perfect a scrip to append one dataset to another when they may or may not have the same variables, and these variables may or may not have conflicting metadata. My progress thus far is here:

While I cannot post the two datasets in question, I can say that each is 2500 cases in length and has 1000 or so variables.

Now to the point– when looping through variables in the `init` method defined in the gist above, the code throws `SystemError: error return without exception set`. Upon further investigation, I found that the error was in the variable itself– the variables `i` and `j`, which I am using to denote the iteration of variables within the two sets within the `init` method, appear to exist– within the VariableList in the datasets, there are pointers to them, and they have memory addresses– when I or the program attempt to get any information on them (such as the name field) it crashes the program. Not even the debugger can peer inside them, attempting to do so crashes the debugger (meaning, in the context of PyCharm, the connection to the debugger is aborted and all session information is lost).

Attached is an image containing the memory addresses of the two “phantom variables” and (more relevantly) the stack trace. I verified that there is a variable at index 27 in both datasets, and that its format is python-friendly.

The error thrown seems to be a NameError, which I have attached debug information on. Any pointers on what to do here?

Thank you

![alt text][2]
![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/16699-nameerror.png
[2]: /answers/storage/temp/16696-spsserror.png


Why am I getting NullPointerException in browser during Admin Center remote on WebSphere Liberty

WebSphere Liberty
Getting NullPointerException in browser during Admin Center remote
start of node.js server.
this is the http error response (from firefox debugger)
from the AdminCenter GUI request:


“” java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.sun.jmx.interceptor.DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.rethrow(Unknown
at com.sun.jmx.interceptor.DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.rethrowMaybeMBeanE
xception(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.jmx.interceptor.DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.invoke(Unknown


Unable to use Firefox to issue SOAP requests to HUB TEMS

Attempts to issue SOAP requests using the Firefox browser fails. No errors are returned when clicking the “Make SOAP Request” button.

After enabling the Firefox debugger I see the problem is due to ActiveX.
Error seen in Firefox debugger:
![alt text][1]

Is Firefox a supported browser when attempting to make SOAP request to a HUB TEMS running ITM 6.3 Fixpack 7?

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/14559-soap.png


How do I get collapse transactions to trigger addParty behaviour extensions?

In MDM 11.3, I have created a behaviour extension to the addParty, addPerson and addOrganization transactions, that adds an Enterprise Identifier to the newly created party (as described here:

When calling the collapseMultipleParties transaction (which adds a new party), I’ve noticed that the extension is not being triggered. Stepping through the code using a debugger, I’ve found that when the collapse transaction creates the new party, it calls the addPartySimple method in the TCRMPartyComponent class instead of the regular addParty.

My question is: Since I cannot extend the functionality of addPartySimple (it does not show up in the workbench, when adding an extension), how do I force triggering of my extension?