Re: VSS missing system file…NOT SOLVED

Ok, finally we did it.

The thing is that described in this article that you tell me is what it has to be, but we did not apply the asked hotfix first… we only make the Registry change, and it does not work if your system does not have the hotfix applied. This hotfix is installed in Service Pack, but we didn’t have it installed.

So, install hotfix (reboot is required) and change Registry (no reboot needed) and voilá! It worked!

In Windows Server 2012, it works as well if you follow my 7 post steps.

So we can say that finally we managed to handle with VSS of all scenarios.

Thank you all!!!


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When Reconnecting to Disconnected Published Desktop, Session Hangs on the “Welcome” Screen For a Few Minutes

DisableGPCalculation, to avoid the GPO recalculation during the re-connections and give the user the best possible experience:


Name: DisableGPCalculation


Data: 1

Note: For the first time this registry key was intrudced to XenApp 6.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 ( . Since then, it has been added to all the Hotfix Rollup Packs, for XA 6, 6.5 and in the XA/XD 7.X.


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Policy Trace

I need a solution

Is there any other way on doing the policy trace.

It would be nice to have a page put in some parameters like the destination IP address / URL then run it against the policy, tool would show you the policies that it hit. Is there such a tool somewhere?

Honestly the policy trace tool is not efficient , going through the policy trace log is not that efficient as well.



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