Uninstalling software CMS didn’t install

I need a solution

I’ve never had to do this before, can someone point me to an article or discussion about removing software from windows 10 PCs that symantec didn’t install?

Windows is installing a “Dell Pointstick” piece of software I don’t want on my machines.  It’s not part of the drivers I deploy, and I have GPO set to not allow windows to install drivers, but this may be coming down before the computer gets the GPO.  In any case, it is breaking scrolling on our new Dell 5400 Latitude laptop touchpads.




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Dell Technologies Cloud Platform Launch

Are your customers struggling to keep track of cloud services and their impact on business performance? The new Dell Technologies Cloud Platform delivers simplified management for today’s multi-cloud world. Last week’s Dell Technologies Cloud Platform launch presents a range of exciting new opportunities for you to position yourself as your customers’ go-to cloud technology partner. The best way to start unlocking this potential is to show prospects how you can help them more easily and efficiently manage the multi-cloud environments that most organizations are grappling with today. Introduce the concept of ‘cloud without chaos’ There’s no … READ MORE


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Data & AI: The Crystal Ball into Your Future Success

Years ago, the future was much opaquer. Now, it’s tangible, visible and rising up all around us. It seems to be taking shape in real time, much of which can be attributed to innovation in data and infrastructure, across their respective and collective aspects.

As innovation in these areas accelerates, it rapidly gains in capabilities, particularly for enterprises who have reached a point of digital maturity, ensuring access to quality data and accelerated infrastructure at scale. Yet, for others, their data and analytics initiatives are still lacking. As their data continues to expand, they do not have the right building blocks in place to grow and change with it. In fact, a recent McKinsey survey of more than 500 executives found that more than 85% acknowledged they are only somewhat effective at meeting the goals they set for their data and analytics initiatives.

With both growing and mature data sets, the effects of enterprise deep learning and machine learning can be significant – automating processes, identifying trends in historical data and uncovering valuable intelligence that strengthens fast and accurate decision-making abilities – all of which can be used as a virtual crystal ball to refine predictions about the future and potentially its successes.

To do this correctly, companies should look at using their data AI and analytics capabilities to not only improve their core operations, but also to launch entirely new business models and applications. First, they must solve for problems in the way data is generated, collected, organized and acted upon. Because, while the mechanics are important, the ultimate value of data doesn’t come from merely collecting it, but acting on the insights derived from it.

The key lies in a fundamental mind shift of evolving your organization into a technology company with a data-first mentality.

In my experience, there are three certainties for every company:

  1. Your data is going to grow faster than you expected.
  2. The use cases for this data are going to change.
  3. The business is always going to expect outcomes to be delivered faster.

The first step in the journey to becoming a technology company is simplifying the infrastructure by moving from legacy data systems to a more nimble, flexible modernized data architecture that can bridge both structured and unstructured data to deliver deeper insights and performance at scale. Once consolidated onto a single, scalable, analytics platform, the pace of discovery and learning can be accelerated to drive a more accurate strategic vision for both today and tomorrow.

At Dell EMC, we are dedicated to bringing new and differentiated value and opportunities to our customers globally. We are always looking toward current and future trends and technologies that will help customers better manage and take advantage of their growing data sets with deep learning and machine learning at scale.

Dell EMC Isilon does just that.

As an industry leading scale-out network-attached storage, designed for demanding enterprise data sets, Isilon simplifies management and gives you access to all your data, scaling from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes per cluster. We also deliver all-flash performance and file concurrency up to the millions, allowing us to support the bandwidth needs of 1000’s of GPUs running the most complex neural networks available. As a bonus, we accomplish this this very economically, with over 80% storage utilization, data compression and automated-tiering across flash and disk in a single cluster. Finally, Isilon based AI increases operational flexibility with multiprotocol support, allowing you to bring analytics to the data to accelerate AI innovation with faster cycles of learning, higher model accuracy and improved GPU utilization.

In an era of change and ongoing data expansion, creating a crystal ball for your business is not a matter of luck or fortune telling. It takes place through a focused strategy for doing more with the data you have at hand. By offering innovative new ways to store, manage, protect and use data at scale, Isilon moves customers that much closer to both becoming technology companies and future proofing their businesses.

To learn more, attend our April 1st webinar event, “Your Future Self is Calling, Will You Pick Up? with Dell EMC, NVIDIA & Mastercard. We look forward to seeing you there.


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Better Together: RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and Fidelity & Guaranty Life

As data growth increases, so does the need for companies to separate themselves from their competition. Fidelity & Guaranty Life “competes with firms offering similar products, so we need to differentiate by processing customer applications faster and running our business 24×7” according to Jeff Sabid, Director of IT Infrastructure. A power outage knocked IT systems offline for hours, and as a result F&GL was unable to process customer orders. This outage was detrimental to business, ultimately costing F&GL tens of thousands of dollars.

After replacing the Commvault System that caused this multiple hour outage, F&GL implemented a Dell EMC Data Protection software solution that would substantially increase efficient availability for business critical applications and workloads. This industry-leading solution provided an unparalleled impact. It not only positively impacted the business, but it also eliminated many of the complexities and time-consuming administration tasks.

F&GL uses Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and Data Protection software to protect 200 VMs between data centers in Virginia and Texas. “With RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, we’ve reduced our outage window from hours to minutes. That assures we can keep making money and serving customers during an outage or DR test” says Sabin. The concept of DR has shifted—they are now able to move virtual workloads between data centers with just a few clicks. Not only is the solution easy to use, it also requires minimal training. As a result, it frees up time and resources for the Data Protection IT team, allowing further focus on strategic projects that increase sales. With Dell EMC’s RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, F&GL was able to save money, make money, and mitigate risks.

Dell EMC’s Data Protection solutions coupled with the Future-Proof Loyalty Program is what truly makes customers comfortable choosing Dell EMC. “Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Loyalty Program goes well beyond what most technology companies provide. Dell EMC has been listening to their customers” says Sabin. Satisfaction guaranteed for 3 years across storage, data protection and HCI appliance customers.

For Fidelity & Guaranteed Life, the peace of mind is invaluable.


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Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection – Cloud-Ready, Simpler & More Powerful

EMC logo

Today, we’re delivering the next evolution in integrated data protection for mid-size and enterprise organizations—with more cloud options and faster restore performance for the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). IDPAs deliver the perfect mix of simplicity and power—simply powerful data protection at a lower cost-to-protect, and is guaranteed. Dell EMC IDPA: Simply Powerful Data Protection Organizations need to efficiently protect an ever-increasing amount of data in a growing ecosystem of applications — all while improving time-to-value, reducing overall cost and complexity, and planning for growth. Organizations also need to seamlessly incorporate cloud into data … READ MORE


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