How to create an unusual querystring format in the RESTRequest Node ?

I have a RESTRequest node based on a swagger file that calls a Find operation with a querystring like this:[where][FirstName]=John. In the Request property of the RESTRequest node the ‘filter’ parameter is predefined based on the swagger document. I provide a value of ‘[where][FirstName]=John’ through the LocalEnvironment.Destination.REST.Request.Parameters.filter field.

Normally this would work fine, however in this case the “=” that gets added after the filter parameter causes the REST call to fail. In other words the final querystring that gets constructed looks like ‘filter=[where][FirstName]=John’ and it should look like ‘filter[where][FirstName]=John’.

Any tips or advice how I could solve this is grealy appreciated!


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Re: Monitoring by alerts of VNX

Hi @yaniv_bh,

You can create an alert based on the following filter:

source==’VNXBlock-Collector’ & (datagrp==’VNXBlock-LUN’ | datagrp==’VNXBlock-MetaLUN’ | datagrp==’VNXBlock-PoolLUN’) & name==’ResponseTime’

with aComparator using the Constant Comparator Operation condition you can set the response time value to what suits your needs and then trigger any Action (email, trap, log, etc…) if the response time goes above it.

Here is an example of what it looks like:





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SPSS Text analytics: word frequencies in string variables

I recently downloaded a trial for SPSS Text Analytics, because I need to make use of a specific feature.
I need to count word frequencies in a string variable. When trying out this program, however, I seem to have to use some concept databases, or extraction methods I don’t need. I just need the bare word frequencies, I’m sure I can filter out the noise manually. After messing around some, I finally came across something that resembled what I needed by copying all extracted concepts into the category field. Still it seems off as some of the most obviously prevalent strings are not even recognized as a “concept”.
All I want to end up with is a list of words, and how often they are used.


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Node-RED: basics to bots – lab 3 – can’t add Continuous Delivery

Per title, I’m doing the Node-RED: basics to bots course. In Lab 3 I’m trying to add Continuous Delivery to my stopped application. The set up is different to the screenshots (as I’ve noticed a few times, this course probably needs an update) but I can’t hit “Create” on the Continuous Delivery Toolchain page since it is greyed out. Any reason why?

This may or may not be relevant, but I have noticed that the only region shown is US South and I’m running in the UK location.

Any thoughts / help gratefully received! Thanks in advance.


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Response filter for plugin-provided services in datacap

Dear all,
I’m trying to make a Request filter over datacap integration services but I’m still not able to catch them properly.
Found that datacap is treated as a custom repository and created as pluginRepository, and found that the repositoryType=datacapRepoType and also that the “action” I’d like to filter is “openItem”.
Tried the following method in the Response filter but I get it no stopping in the execute method:
public String[] getFilteredServices() {
return new String[] { “/datacapRepoType/openItem” };

Seek for services information or struts-config.xml-like file for datacap but didn’t find one.

Did anyone ever make something similar?

kind regards


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