SEP 14 & VMWare Workstation 15 Player

I need a solution

I am using SEP 14.2 build 1031 on Windows 10 Pro 1809 build 17763.292 and VM Workstation 15 Player.

I have found that if I install the Network Intrusion Prevention / Firewall components of SEP that it inherently blocks incoming network access to any virtual machines.  I could see this if I used NAT configuration for the VM but I am using Bridged, which means that as far as the network and host machine are concerned this should behave like it’s own entity.

I have Googled the problem and the closest solution I have found is essentially put an allow all rule in the Symantec firewall, which seems to defeat the purpose entirely.  How do I configure SEP allow traffic into and out of a VM without haivng to effectively turn off the firewall on host machine?



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Error: “Time out during TCP connection establishment stage” and ADC Load Balancing Service Groups in Down State

The monitor message “Time out during TCP connection establishment stage” means that the web server either was not listening or was unreachable. This indicates a network problem.

In the packet capture syn request was being sent but no response and hence times out.

It was a firewall misconfiguration where a rule was causing the issue. After the rule was modified to allow tcp connections, it worked and service came up.


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