ICT admin console [https] don’t support chrome

I need a solution

Hi all

I testing connect to admin console

1.IE           http,https >>>> success

2.firefox    http,https >>>> success 

3.Chrome http >>>> success

                 https >>> fail

The ICT don’t support chrome https ???????



Dell EMC Unity: Unity OE image upload failed while using firefox browser (User Correctable)

Article Number: 502837 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Unity 300,Unity 400,Unity 500,Unity 550F,Unity 600,Unity All Flash,Unity Family

User is uploading Unity code from 4.0 to 4.2, on the stage of uploading the OE image on the box using Unisphere, the upload completed at 100 % and at the state of “Waiting Server Response” remains hanging.

Space was checked and it turned to be no space problems on the box root partition, Also checksum didn’t show any corruption for the image.

Firefox didn’t upload the Unity OE completely.

Changing the browser and going to Chrome resolved this problem, Unity OE was uploaded successfully.


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ShareFile for Gmail User Guide

Article Contents
How To Add the Extension Share files Request Files Options
Troubleshooting Blank window when launching ShareFile for Gmail

How to Add or Enable the Extension

Click here to Add the ShareFile for Gmail Chrome Extension.

User-added image

Once you have added the extension to Chrome, you may access a ShareFile icon on your Chrome window.

User-added image

Open Gmail and compose a new email message. You should see a ShareFile icon in the message menu.

User-added image

Click the ShareFile icon shown above to login using your ShareFile account credentials.

User-added image
User-added image

Share Files with the Gmail integration

To share files, click the ShareFile icon and select Share Files. Here, you can drag the files you wish to send to the ShareFile window. You can also use the Browse function to add files from your ShareFile account, or files located on your computer.

User-added image

Once you have uploaded or selected files, you can add more, remove some, or change message settings. Message Options are outlined below.

User-added image

Once you have finalized your files and settings, click Insert Link to insert the ShareFile link into the body of your email message.

User-added image

Request Files with the Gmail integration

To request a file, click the ShareFile icon and select Request Files.

Use the Edit button to adjust where you wish requested files to be uploaded. Use the Message Options button to adjust security and notification settings.

User-added image

When you click the Insert Link button, a secure link will be placed in your email. By default, the inserted link will be “Click here to upload files.”, with the Click here text configured as a hyperlink.

User-added image

Change Default Options

Click the ShareFile icon in the Chrome menu to access the Options menu.

User-added image

Share Options

Require recipients to: Enter name and email, sign in with ShareFile credentials, or allow anonymous access.

Notifications: Whether or not you wish to be emailed when files are downloaded.

Downloads: Number of downloads per recipient.

Request Options

Require recipients to: Enter name and email, sign in with ShareFile credentials, or allow anonymous access.

Notifications: Whether or not you wish to be emailed when files are uploaded.

ShareFile Account – The email you are currently signed into the plugin with, as well as the option to Log Out.

User-added image


Blank window when launching ShareFile for Gmail

When clicking the ShareFile icon while composing a new email message, the below blank window is displayed.

User-added image

This can be caused by the following:

  1. Ad-blocking extensions and applications preventing communication between Gmail and ShareFile – Please review your extension, add an exception for ShareFile, or disable the extension as necessary.
  2. Block 3rd Party Cookies – For this extension to function properly, you must allow 3rd Party Cookies in your Chrome browser. You can do so at Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies (Ensure Block third-party cookies is not enabled.)
  3. Domain restrictions on your network – Please consult your IT Administrator or someone with the ability to verify network settings.
  4. Other Chrome extensions interfering with the ShareFile extension – Please disable other Chrome extensions to identify which one is interfering with ShareFile for Gmail.

Additional Resources

CTX207689 – Install ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook for Windows


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Chrome Third-Party

I need a solution

Hello everyone

I don’t know if this has been receiving enough attention by now, but as of Chrome 69 it probaly is impossible also for Symantec to detect anything:


Does this mean Chrome users now have to switch to Firefox or back to Internet Explorer to get DLP running on the endpoints?
Anything official out yet? This needs clarification.

Thank you.



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ECS Portal Web UI Questions – Browser support and accessibility

Hi All,

I have some questions about the ECS Portal Web UI:

1. Does ECS support the Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari web browsers?

From the release notes i see that it support Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11. Can’t see any others, so I thought to ask the wider community.

2. Can the ECS Web UI be accessed from a browser other devices like a tablet/smart phone without any loss of functionality?





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