Cisco Webex Meetings Enumeration Attack

Cisco Webex Meetings is an enterprise solution for hosting online meetings that offers video conferencing, screen sharing, and webinar capabilities that support hundreds of participants. Cisco Webex Meetings utilizes a nine-digit number as a user-friendly meeting identifier that can be easily typed in to join a meeting from all types of endpoints.

On July 24th, 2019, Shreyans Mehta of Cequence Security and the CQ Prime Research Team reported to Cisco that an attacker could take advantage of one of the Webex Meetings API calls to enumerate all the meeting numbers in use by an organization on the platform at a certain moment in time.

This advisory is available at the following link:

Security Impact Rating: Informational


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Fix: Outlook does not support connections to Exchange ActiveSync

While trying to connect your Outlook account with Exchange by using ActiveSync protocol the users may get the Outlook does not support connections to exchange by using ActiveSync error. This error is commonly caused if the Outlook does not support connection to a server that is running Exchange server. A similar discussion can also be read on the Microsoft Community forum.

On the same Windows 8 Pro machine, on the same user account – Windows Mail app is connected successfully to my corporate e-mail account (‘Outlook‘ account type, use SSL connection, domain and user name specified).

In Outlook 2013 the same account can’t be connected (selecting ‘ActiveSync’ account type, specifying server name and user name, however there are no options to specify SSL and domain) – getting error message ‘Log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found.’

Follow the steps listed in the article below to fix Outlook server issue with ActiveSync and Exchange.

Is the Exchange Activesync supported by Outlook?

1. Connect to Exchange using Standard Exchange Connection

  1. Launch the Outlook desktop app.
  2. Click on File and then click on Add Account button.

    outlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesyncoutlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesync
  3. Enter your email address and click Connect.outlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesyncoutlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesync
  4. Now you will be asked to enter your password again. Enter the password, and click OK.
  5. Click Finish to connect to exchange using standard exchange connection.
  6. Trying to set up your email account manually can create issues like the one mentioned earlier. Try to set up the email account normally and check if the error is resolved.

Deal with spam mails for good with these Exchange anti-spam software for Exchange email server.

2. Configure Outlook 2013 / 2016 Manually

  1. If you want to configure Outlook for Exchange by using ActiveSync do the following.
  2. Launch the Outlook desktop client.
  3. Choose “New Email Account“.
  4. Select “Manual setup or additional server types“.

    outlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesyncoutlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesync
  5. Select “Exchange ActiveSync“.
  6. Now you need to fill in the server setting. The username can be in Domainusername format.
  7. Now press and hold the Enter key on the Keyboard until all the boxes go away.
  8. Once the connection goes through. Launch the Outlook client and check if the error is resolved.

For Outlook 2016 / Office 365

  1. Launch the Outlook client in your Windows system.
  2. Click on File and select Add Account.
  3. Now enter the email address for the account and click the Advanced Options.
  4. Select “Let me set up my account manually” option.

    outlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesyncoutlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesync
  5. Click the Connect button.
  6. Select “Exchange” option.

    outlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesyncoutlook does not support connections to exchange by using activesync
  7. Enter the password for your ID and check if the connection is established without any error.

The EAS protocol provides access to data in exchange mailboxes thus keeping all of your connected devices in sync. Since EAS connection does not provide all the features of an Exchange account, Outlook does not support this method resulting in the error.



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I need a solution

I’m having an issue with one of my workflow that’s been working fine for years.  It’s actually a fairly simple flow.  It reads data from a database, displays a list the the user, allows the user to select an item from the list and then displays the data.  There’s one item from all of them that doesn’t display the data.  The path thru the workflow is exactly the same for all of the items.  Now the debug question..  when I run the workflow thru debug it won’t display the data as it does in all my other workflows so I can’t see where the issue is.  Is there a setting thats needed or not needed that shows responsible for this?



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Extend definition out of date warning

I need a solution

Hi does anyone know how ot extend the days before SEP14 gives a definitions out of date warning? I have mannaged to find how to do it in RegEdit for SEP 12 from other forums but cannot duplicate fix for SEP 14. I have  dark net instalations and do not want the wanring to come up until 33 days has past since pay virus definition update.



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Create a ShareFile Form Template

Forms are now created as part of Workflow creation. ​Click New Workflow from the Custom Workflows dashboard to get started.

Customize a Workflow

Provide your Workflow with a descriptive Title and select a location in your ShareFile account where you want the Workflow to be stored.

Form Creation

Clicking on “Start building” will provide the user with the Trigger option. Here the user needs to select “A form is completed” option to get the Form Set Up option.

User-added image

Clicking on “Set Up Form” will provide the user with two options, one to create a new form and the other to Start from an existing form which is present in another workflow.

Selecting “Create a new form” and clicking on Continue will provide the user with Form Builder view which consists of Header and Pages

Customize Form Header

Click Edit in the Header section to add a Description to your form. You may also customize the branding of your form if needed.

Clicking on Add Field will provide the user with customizing the fields they wish to add to the form

Customize Form Fields

You can add multiple fields (questions) to your form. Click on the Questions box to customize your form –

You can designate a specific field as a Required field, or add help text or a description to assist your recipient in completing the form. Different field types may include additional field-specific options.

When you’re finished creating your form, click Next: Manage Settings. Review the settings for your form and click Enable Form to save your changes. You may now add your new form to a Workflow Template.

Kindly refer to the Manage Access section in this article for more steps on how to manage settings on your workflow –

Note –

If a user Disables the workflow, then all the associated in-progress forms get greyed out with an error symbol being displayed next to them and their status gets updated from “Draft” to “Not Available”

Forms associated with Disabled workflows will no longer be displayed under “All Forms” tab until they are Enabled again. If a user enables a disabled form then all the associated in-progress forms get updated to “Draft” state from “Not Available” state. User will be able to Submit all the in-progress forms.


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New GroupWise Web Client Tech Preview Webinar Posted

Mike Bills

I wanted to give another special thanks to everyone that was able to attend our Webinar today to get a first look at the new GroupWise Web Client. If you were not able to join or you just want to watch it again the recording of the Webinar can be found here.

+read more

The post New GroupWise Web Client Tech Preview Webinar Posted appeared first on Cool Solutions. Mike Bills


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Report managed software with category

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Previsouly posted was

with no anwser. A request to include the the Category for a Managed Software.

I just figured this out via a SQL query, and wanted to post just in case anybody else had this request.

    vsp.Name  [Software Product]
    , Company
    , Category
from vsoftwareproduct vsp 
join ResourceAssociation ra1 on ra1.ParentResourceGuid = vsp.Guid  and ra1.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = ‘D5C66D5A-7686-4CA2-B7C1-AC980576CE1D’  –>> resource associaton for Company
join vitem co on co.Guid = ra1.ChildResourceGuid                  –>> Software Product Company
join ResourceAssociation ra2 on ra2.ParentResourceGuid = vsp.Guid and ra2.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = ‘AE4DBDF7-457B-4828-A83E-B64B91AE0E87’   –>> resource association for category
left join vsoftwaretype cgt on cgt.Guid = ra2.ChildResourceGuid   –>> Software Product Category
left join Inv_Software_Product_Version ver on ver._ResourceGuid = vsp.Guid   –>> Software Product Version

Regard 🙂



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