How to allow block sites in SecureWeb

Allowed or blocked websites

Secure Web normally does not filter web links. You can use this policy to configure a specific list of allowed or blocked sites. You configure URL patterns to restrict the websites the browser can open, formatted as a comma-separated list. Each pattern in the list is preceded by a plus sign (+) or minus sign (-). The browser compared a URL against the patterns in the order listed until a match is found. When a match is found, the action taken is dictated by the prefix as follows:

  • A minus (-) prefix instructs the browser to block the URL. In this case, the URL is treated as if the web server address could not be resolved.
  • A plus (+) prefix allows the URL to be processed normally.
  • If neither + or – is provided with the pattern, + (allow) is assumed.
  • If the URL does not match any pattern in the list, the URL is allowed

To block all other URLs, end the list with a minus sign followed by an asterisk (-*). For example:

  • The policy value +http://**,-http://*,+https://*,+ftp://*,-* permits HTTP URLs within domain, but blocks them elsewhere, permits HTTPS and FTP URLS anywhere, and blocks all other URLs.
  • The policy value +http://*.training.lab/*,+https://*.training.lab/*,-* allows users open any sites in Training.lab domain (intranet) via HTTP or HTTPS, but no public URLs, such as Facebook, Google, Hotmail, and so on, regardless of protocol.

Default value is empty (all URLs allowed).


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Blue Coat – IE 11 – Scrolling & Loading of pages

I need a solution

Dear all,

When I try to scroll on WebPages with an updated IE 11 on Windows 7 – I observe the loading of the pages is not really fluid when I scroll (the page is still downloading. WebPages with active content inside (Advertisements) takes a long time to load.

If I change to another pac-file linked to another proxy solution, the problems are not present. I can scroll through the pages even they are downloading and the time to load is very quick.

Any ideas what I could check?

Thank a lot.




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