Security requirement prototyping with hyperledger composer for drug supply chain

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Trend Micro Research Finds Serious Business Risks Due to Smart Buildings

Dateline City:

As buildings and homes are more connected, enterprise businesses face new physical and data security threats

Micro Incorporated
; TSE:
), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced
new research revealing that IoT automation platforms in smart buildings
are presenting attackers with new opportunities for both physical and
data compromise. The findings have serious implications for
organizations operating inside smart buildings, including spying on
users, unlocking doors and stealing data, as well as employees working
from smart home environments.



Erin Johnson

Ticker Slug:





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Warning: “Disk usage for the Active OS partition is at 70%” on Citrix SD-WAN

Recommendation is to upgrade to latest 10.x versions which have latest bug fixes for this issue.

In the meantime, you can delete data that is no longer required such as:

1. Old Configuration files

Configuration files present in the Configuration Editor (not applied through Change Management process) can be deleted.

You can go to Configuration >> Virtual WAN >> Configuration Editor >> Open >> Select a configuration file >> Click on Trash can icon

User-added image

2. Archived configuration files that were applied to the network

You can go to Configuration >> System Maintenance >> Delete Files >> Delete Archived Configuration File

Important! The above changes delete the configuration files but keep the running config/software/user configured data (radius/tacacs settings, web timeout, events/alarms settings etc.) intact and keeps the service running

3. Archived Database files

You can go to Configuration > System Maintenance > Delete Files > Delete Archived Database

User-added image

4. Old Diagnostics files and Memory Dumps

You can go to Configuration >> System Maintenance >> Diagnostics >> Diagnostics Data

User-added image

5. Additional files can be removed by our Citrix Technical Support while the software version is upgraded.


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A secure SSL session could not be established with the Web Site: “(null)”

I need a solution

Does anyone know what causes the SSL error A secure SSL session could not be established with the Web Site: “(null)”? I’ve attached a screenshot of the full browser error message. SSL interception is only enabled on blocked requests (On Exception). The website users are accessing is allowed and they can access it without ProxySG perforiming SSL intercept. However, they get the error message upon logging in to that website. Disabling proxy authentication on the allowed URL categories seemed to resolve the issue.



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Cisco Policy Suite for Mobile and Cisco Policy Suite Diameter Routing Agent Software Redis Server Unauthenticated Access Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Redis implementation used by the Cisco Policy Suite for Mobile and Cisco Policy Suite Diameter Routing Agent software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to modify key-value pairs for short-lived events stored by the Redis server.

The vulnerability is due to improper authentication when accessing the Redis server. An unauthenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability by modifying key-value pairs stored within the Redis server database. An exploit could allow the attacker to reduce the efficiency of the Cisco Policy Suite for Mobile and Cisco Policy Suite Diameter Routing Agent software.

Cisco has released software updates that address this vulnerability for Cisco Policy Suite for Mobile.

Currently there is no software release available for Cisco Policy Suite Diameter Routing Agent software. There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability, but a mitigation for Cisco Policy Suite Diameter Routing Agent software exists. See the Workarounds section for more details.

This advisory is available at the following link:

Security Impact Rating: Medium

CVE: CVE-2018-0181


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ProxySG | IP Phone SIP Protocol cannot connect via Proxy

I need a solution

Dear All

  My customer would like to connect ip phone to cloud of ip phone system and it connect to proxy type explicit.

on ip phone can config to use proxy. we tried to test connect to internet but cannot connect.

for VPM policy we create exception for all of this ip phone already.

for check traffic on Proxy we not found active session from ip of ip-phone

and then we tried to check from error session we found error from ip of ip-phone

this detail of error session as below

Client    Server    A    S    FW    I    Duration    Client Bytes    Server Bytes    Savings    C    BC    OC    P    BM    Service Name    Application    Protocol    Detail    Age        –    –    –    –    0 sec    1482    0    100%    –    –    OC (D)    P    BM (D)    Explicit HTTP    HTTP    HTTP(error) : “The request HTTP version is invalid”       2 sec

it have error The request HTTP version is invalid

Proxy IP:   IP-Phone IP:

My customer use Proxy SGOS version   if would like more information please let me know.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best Regards,

Chakuttha R.




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Drive New Conversations with Your Education Customers on Campus Modernization.

The education sector is evolving with new and powerful digital technology available to drive major changes in stakeholder interactions. Dell has found – based on aDell-commissioned studyconducted by Forrester Consulting – that for these institutions, digitalization comes with new challenges.

Educators Want to Digitalize Learning

Educators value the experiences powered by technology, and understand that providing students, staff, and administrators with access to digital content/curriculum is important.

  • 85% of respondents are expanding or planning to implement more collaborative, shared learning experiences
  • On-campus technology infrastructure is highly valued, with 84% wanting to create real-world experiences for students to foster learning

How? By redesigning learning experiences (82%) through development of campus facilities and technology, and using emerging technologies such as virtual classrooms, room-centric technology, smart buildings and augmented/virtual reality.

Educators’ Challenges with Digitalization

Poor collaboration: 80% of respondents identified collaboration between all participants as the biggest challenge to achieving priorities.

Steep learning curve: 70% of respondents said deploying robotics in a class/lab environment is challenging. 66% find it difficult to implement smart rooms/technologies in general.

Subpar Experience: Poor collaboration and inefficient use of technology means the experience deteriorates; 66% struggle to provide consistent, relevant experiences that can be personalized.

Complexity of multiple partners: Educational institutions are turning to a fragmented array of third-party vendors including software (61%), hardware and infrastructure (58%) and even system integrators (48%), which only adds complexity.

The Dell Technologies Solution

Only a few KEY technology partners are needed on this digitalization journey and Dell Technologies brands, together, can help schools make their education needs become a reality – from the installation of new end use devices which enable better classroom efficiency, to modernization of school IT solutions.

Working with Dell Technologies, YOU are perfectly suited to be a KEY technology partner to support new and existing educational institutions on this journey of digitalization and learning experience transformation.

What’s the benefit to YOU?

  • Move beyond ‘product’ messaging to engage Education sector decision makers in a meaningful end-to-end digital transformation conversation
  • Become a trusted advisor by highlighting education sector trends and helping them to be successful in upgrading school technology
  • Increase margin by engaging customers in the full needs of their digital transformation with Dell client peripherals, services, and data-center hardware

Drive awareness and create new business

Dell has developed a set of marketing assets to help you raise awareness with customers. Now available for download on theDigital Marketing Platform.


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