“/” in macOS Exclusions cited as Special Character

I need a solution

Hi All,

We are having a challenge creating macOS exclusions in the Whitelist Policy. All of the online references for exclusions state using “/” in exclusions for mac, however when creating exclusions in this manner we are getting the following error:

Cannot use special characters |<>?*/”;

Has anyone seen this before and is there a solution for it?

Thanks in advance,




Access To One Website is Very Slow Tend to Can’t Be Accessed

I need a solution


Can anyone help to solve issue with ProxySG? The issue is when user connecting via ProxySG they cannot browsing only to one website. From what we know and tried to troubleshoot, the website has a very big time response. That big time response made the webpage cannot load. I already open case but seems the support cannot response quickly I try to create this on forum. Thank you.

Best regards,

Rudy Fajar



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The New York Times is Using Blockchain to Fight Fake News

According to News Provenance Project, a new news site developed by the NYT, the newspaper plans to use Hyperledger Fabric tech to ensure the origin of digital files.

Apparently, blockchain technology will allow users to authenticate the photographs of the news in collaboration with IBM Garage, the Big Blue’s accelerator program.

Hyperledger Fabric will allow its users to record metadata about video and audio recordings that are published by news organizations.

The News Provenance Project, which is currently in its first stage of development, aims to prove how blockchain technology can be applied to journalism and how it can be integrated in any type of publication. According to the project’s official site: