Use Merge Fields to Enter Text Into a Document Before Sending

Merge Fields are added when a Template is first created or edited. To create a Merge Field, use the Document Overlay tool to place a Text Field to the desired location in the document. Once you place the field on the document, double click on the it and check the Merge Field box. You will be prompted to designate a name for the Merge Field. This will be the name of the field that the sender will be prompted to fill each time a copy of the Template is sent.

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When preparing a copy of the Template to send, the sender is able to enter custom information into each Merge Field. The merge data is locked once the document is sent and cannot be edited by other parties.

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Application Security rules might not be enforced properly when multiple users simultaneously log on to the same server OS machine

To ensure that rules are merged instead of being replaced as a workaround for this issue, you can manually change the application security enforcement mode from “replace” to “merge” in the WEM database, as described here. This ensures that the WEM agent merges application security rules of a user with existing rules when another user logs on.

Note: When the application security “replace” mode is switched to “merge”, existing AppLocker rules on a Windows machine are merged when users log on. Before turning off “replace” mode, ensure that there are no unwanted AppLocker rules on WEM agent machines.

To change the application security enforcement mode from “replace” to “merge”

  1. Connect to SQL server instance containing the WEM database using “SQL Server Management Studio” or any tool which works with SQL server.

  2. Select the WEM database and expand Tables. Right click on the table “VUEMSites” and select the context menu command Select Top 1000 Rows:

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  3. Make a note of the queried “IdSite” value of the configuration set to be changed.

  4. On the WEM database, select the context menu command New Query:

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  5. Execute the following query:

    UPDATE VUEMSystemUtilities SET Value=’0′ WHERE

    Name=’AppLockerControllerReplaceModeOn’ AND idSite=[idSite];