Migrating SEPMs to new OS

I need a solution

Hello All,We have a requirement to upgrade our SEPMs OS. Our environment is currently 3 sites with 4 servers. 3 servers use a SQL database and one uses an embedded DB. My thought was to just create 4 new SEPMs on the new OS add them to the respective sites (except for the one with the embedded DB I would create a new site for that). Wait a while to ensure data has been replicated and there aren’t any issues and then slowly pull the old SEPMs out of the various sites. Is there any issue with doing the upgrade this way? Initially I think it would work fine I am just unsure about down the road if there would be any issues when trying to do another upgrade.

Would a better option be to configure new sites and add them in as replication partners? We also have an initiative to upgrade our SQL server. Symantec has steps on how to do this but with the need to update our servers to I wasn’t sure if it would make sense to just build a new SQL server configure the new SEPMs to use that add everything in as new sites wait for replication etc. and pull out the old infrastructure?

I don’t see a problem with doing either as the version of SEPM will remain the same just the OS is changing.



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