Reporting and Statistics Available with RightSignature (RS4)

Accessing RightSignature’s reporting suite

  1. Log into RightSignature
  2. Click Account
  3. Select the Reports tab

Each report will compile and compare metrics across all of the users on the account. The different reports available are as follows:

Overview Report

The Overview Report shows the total number of documents sent and signed each month. The report also provides the average number of documents sent, viewed, and signed. The report also ranks users based on the number of documents sent each month.

Efficiency Report

The Efficiency Report compares the number of signed documents and the total number of documents sent each month. This ratio, presented as a percentage, reflects how efficiently each user collects signatures when sending documents.

Cycle Time Report

The Cycle Time Report shows the average amount of time required to view and sign each users’ documents. These figures reflect how quickly recipients are to execute each users’ documents on a monthly basis.

Data Exporter

Using the Data Exporter, you can export the signing data from every copy of a Reusable Template, or every document with a shared tag.

Enterprise Usage Report

The Enterprise Usage Report gives Admin users on Enterprise level accounts the ability to export a complete list of all of the documents sent during a particular month. The data can be exported as either a CSV or PDF file.

User Usage Report

The User Usage Report gives Admin users on Enterprise level accounts the ability to export the number of sent and signed documents, as well as the median cycle time, for each user. The reports show data for a particular month and can be exported as either a CSV or PDF file.


RightSignature Migration FAQ

Attention current users of old RightSignature!

If you are currently using old version of RightSignature, please note that the old version will be shut down by August 31st.

All accounts will be migrated to the latest version by July 31st. No documents will be allowed to be shared post July 31st.

Action: Ensure that any unsigned documents generated from old version are signed well before August 31st. If there are any unsigned documents post August 31st, those need to be regenerated from new version.

If you have not been migrated already, we are in the process of migrating you.

How do I identify which version of RightSignature I am on?

Why do I have to migrate?

We will be soon taking RS3 (old version) out of service. This will help us to focus our efforts in providing you with the best experience on RS4 (latest version). We aim to ensure that you are provided a migration path to the latest version.

This is a part of the standard decommissioning procedure of old version and upgrading our customers to the latest experience.

Do I have to migrate?

Yes. As RS3 (old version) will be taken out of service, in order to continue using the services of RightSignature through 2020 and thereon, migration is necessary. Migration will be initiated by Citrix and will take place during US off-business hours.

How do I check my migration date?

The migration date will be available on the banner in RS3 older version.

Is there any downtime during the migration?

No downtime is required unless you are an RS3 API consumer. The migration will be conducted during non-US business hours. After the migration you will be able to access RS3 in Read-only mode. This means:

  • No document transactions can be performed from RS3
  • Documents and configurations can only be viewed

I use the RS3 old version public API. What are my next steps?

If you are an API user, you would have already received a mail from RightSignature Support with an activation link to the new account. You can request for API tokens from the new version and start building your integrations.

Please contact support . For any technical queries you can also reach out to our API support forum.

What do I have to do after migration to start using RS4 (latest version)?

Accessing RS4 for the first time:

  1. Check your registered mail ID for an activation mail.
a. From mail address RightSignature Support.

b. Mail subject: Welcome to RightSignature.
  1. Follow the link, set your password and start using RS4 (latest version).
  2. Make use of the First Time User guide.

Accessing RS4 after activation:

  1. You can visit RS4 (latest version) by
  1. Provide your Account Name. To know your Account Name click on the link “Don’t know your Account Name

What happens to my documents after migration?

All the executed documents will be migrated to RS4 (latest version). Any document that is pending signature at the time of migration can be completed by the signer(s) on RS3( old version). But these documents, will not be automatically transferred to RS4 and will remain on RS3. You can download them before your access to RS3 expires. Even if access to RS3 expires, a copy would have been shared with you over an email, upon successful execution of the particular document (as part of the existing signature workflow).

What happens to my Online Forms after migration?

Active online form links will be disabled after migration. These online forms will be migrated and available as Templates under “Templates” section in the latest version. New links can be generated for them.

What happens to my Templates?

All the templates will be migrated and available under “Templates” section in the latest version.

Is my price changing?

Your billing will stay on the old platform for now, but, in the future you will be asked to update your billing information.

Do I have to recreate my users?

No. All active users will be automatically migrated along with their documents, templates and online forms.

The admin of my account has left the company, what should I do to avoid interruptions?

Immediately update the RS3 account owner email ID to the new admin. If the migration has already been performed, contact support to change the admin on the latest version.

Some features are not available on RS4 that were on RS3, what is the benefit of me migrating?

  • Advanced security features:
Knowledge-based authentication, enforceable passcode access, multi-factor authentication and more.
  • Enhanced usability:
A new streamlined layout, enhanced customizability, productivity notifications, and improved mobile functionality.

Once you update to the latest version of RightSignature, you will be able to start receiving the latest feature and functionality updates that aim to improve your productivity.

I do not want to migrate, how do I cancel my account before/after migration?

Please contact support for cancelling your account on RS3/ RS4. The standard cancellation process applies here.


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