Unable to access Storefront through NetScaler Gateway and getting ” Could reach the page ” error.

– After upgrading to 12.0 build 58.15 , unable to access the Storefront server through NetScaler Gateway and getting ” Could reach the page ” error.

NOTE: On NetScaler Gateway Session profile, the Storefront URL is configured with Storefront Load balancing server IP.

– If Storefront Load balancer IP is replaced with Actual Storefront Server IP, then Storefront is accessible through NetScaler gateway.

In the following nstrace screenshot, we could see that the Storefront Load balancer has sent Export cipher in the Server Hello. For which, we could see a FATAL Error message from NetScaler gateway Vserver.

User-added image


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Which timezone’s time NetScaler supported default : Standard / Daylight

Working of Time Zone :

In NetScaler configuration we only need to select time zone which so ever listed.

In older builds you will find Standard time zone & in newer build you will find Day light saving time.

All time data handled by NTP is in UTC. Your local time zone [ NetScaler Selected Time zone ] setting determines the offset from there.

NTP does not recognize time zones, instead it manages all time information’s based on UTC.

You just need to apply the available time zone settings in your NetScaler and as per the UTC time provided by NTP it will get changed +1 , -1 hours.

Example : Australia [ Melbourne ] , which have Standard time as +10:00 AEST and daylight time as +11:00 AEDT.

NS 10.5 Standard Time AEST +10:00

User-added image

NS 12.0 Daylight Timings +11:00 AEDT Timings

User-added image


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Error: “HTTP/1.1 Internal Server Error 43554” When Logging to NetScaler

>> NetScaler Gateway vserver is configured, while getting error “http:// internal service error”

>> Verified the configuration on NetScaler the address in published application was not correct. Correct the address.

Web Browsers –>Web Interface Address: https:<Ip or FQDN of SF Server>/citrix/<StoreName> Receiver: Web Interface Address: https:<Ip or FQDN of SF Server>

>> Also check the policy hit command the session profile policy is also getting hit.

nsconmsg -d current -g pol_hits

>> Created the new test gateway server on the storefront server.

>>Storefront address was incorrect in Session profile.

You can traverse to Session Profile by following this path,

NetScaler Gateway > Virtual Servers > Edit virtual server > Session Policies > Select Session Policy and Click Edit Session Profile > Published Applications > Web Interface Address > Edit the address to the correct one.

Example Configuration,

User-added image


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NetScaler Gateway Error: “The published resource is not available currently”

The error is displayed when we access the WI url configured with Secure Gateway. Create a Direct site and it should work fine.

This issue is most likely related to compatibility between Secure Gateway 3.3.0 and Windows Update.

Add Nameserver or Address record

NetScaler GUI > Configuration > Traffic Management > DNS

CTX109556 – How to Enable NetScaler Appliance to Use DNS for Resolving the Hostnames to IP Addresses.


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Error: “Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again” When Receiver Connects Through NetScaler Gateway

Solution 1

To resolve this issue change the beacon entries in StoreFront. Add the NetScaler Gateway addresses to external beacon.

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/3-11/integrate-with-netscaler-and-netscaler-gateway/configure-beacon.html

External Beacon

If you want to use ICA proxy from internal and external connections (all clients should only go through NetScaler), then add a fake address in the internal beacon of StoreFront.

Note: The internal beacon should only be resolvable inside the network, if the beacon is resolvable externally then Citrix Receiver will not be able to add the account.

Solution 2

The issue relates to compatibility of Receiver 4.x and Web Interface XenApp services site. Receiver 4.x supports services sites but when connecting thru NS, users may experience issues as described in CTX136828 – Error When Using Windows Receiver PNAgent through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Appliance.

Also note Citrix Documentation – NetScaler to Web Interface XenApp Services site is not supported.


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Access to a Citrix Knowledge Center Article is Denied

Citrix has introduced Customer Success Services that allow customers to see privileged Knowledge Center content. Contact your local Citrix Solution Advisor or call 1-800-424-8749 and listen for the option to contact the Sales department; they can help determine which program is right for you.You will continue to have access to certain content as per the matrix below.

Software Updates

Product Type Readme Visible to Download Available to
XenApp 7.X or Higher

XenDesktop 7.X or Higher

Provisioning Services 7.x or Higher

XenMobile 10.X or Higher
Public or Limited or Superseded All
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Subscription Advantage customers
  • Partners
XenApp 6.X or Earlier

XenDesktop 5.6 or Earlier

Provisioning Services 6.x or Earlier

XenMobile 9.X or Earlier

Application Streaming (all versions)

EdgeSight (all versions)

Single Sign-On (all versions)

Secure Gateway (all versions)

Smart Auditor (all versions)

User Profile Management (all versions)

Web Interface (all versions)

CloudPortal Services (all versions)

CloudPortal Business Manager (all versions)

CloudPlatform (all versions)

VDI-in-a-Box (all versions)
Public All All logged in users
Limited or Superseded All
  • Partners
  • Customers with a TRM agreement

XenServer 7.1 LTSR Cumulative Update 1

XenServer CR release earlier to the latest CR release

XenServer 7.0 hotfixes released after 1 December 2017 (XS70E050 and later)

Public All
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Subscription Advantage customers
  • Partners
XenServer (Other versions) Public All All logged in users

Citrix Supportability Pack

Readme Visible to Download Available to
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Partners

Premium Content

  • Available to Customer Success Services Customers and Partner designated technical contacts on customer’s support entitlement.

Other Content Type

Type Readme Visible to Download Available to
Technotes All All logged in users
Tools All All logged in users
Learning All All logged in users
Security Bulletins All All


  • Available only to Customer Success Services customers.

For Application Networking Group products (such as NetScaler, CloudBridge, NetScaler (Access) Gateway, Communication Gateway, and Application Gateway), consider subscribing to the Citrix Appliance Maintenance program.


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Notice of Change Announcement for NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition)

Citrix Systems, Inc. announces End of Maintenance for NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition) appliances.

The tables below explain the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN life cycle management milestones as well as important information regarding dates and options during this period. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with stated End of Life/End of Support policies for Citrix Systems, Inc.

Table 1. Milestones and Dates

Milestone Definition Date
Notice of Change (NSC) The NSC date is the date on which Citrix announces the intent to initiate the lifecycle management process for a hardware platform. May 15, 2018
End of Sale (EOS) The date on which Citrix will no longer offer the product. June 15, 2018
End of Maintenance (EOM) / End of Life (EOL) The EOL milestone signals the point at which no support or maintenance is provided. Product information will be limited to the historical material available on MyCitrix.com or other online resources and is subject to removal beyond this date. June 15, 2023

Click here for the Citrix Product LifecycleMilestones Definitions.

Products Affected

The products affected by this announcement and their replacements are listed in Table 2 (below). The products listed in the Product Replacement / Alternatives column represent the migration path for these discontinued platforms.

Table 2. Platforms affected by this announcement.

Product Description Replacement / Alternatives
NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition) 4100-SE (Standard Edition)

Customer Actions

Citrix recommends that existing customers take steps to upgrade to the latest NetScaler SD-WAN platform so that they can take advantage of the upgraded features and performance. This will ensure the best transition of the product.

For More Information

For more information about the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN, visit https://www.citrix.com/products/netscaler-sd-wan/ or contact your local Citrix sales representative / authorized Citrix business partner..


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Netscaler VPX 1000 – Azure – Slowness getting through Netscaler.

With 12.0 builds, we have changed default yield behavior for PE vCPUs. vCPU will not yield to hypervisor, even though if there is less/moderate traffic in 12.0 build, which was not the case for 11.1 builds. That’s the reason, VPX vCPU is always 100% on hypervisor. However, vCPU is allocated to management core might not be 100%.

NetScaler yields PE vCPUs to hypervisor in sparse/moderate traffic cases. Since we have observed Tx overflow/congestion, it’s somewhat related to scheduling, we thought not yielding vCPU helps in improving the situation.

– set ns vpxparam -cpuyield NO

Upgrade to 12.0.53.X+


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How to Use the Authentication Feature of a NetScaler Appliance with a Load Balancing or Content Switching VServer on the Appliance

This article describes how to use the authentication feature of a NetScaler appliance with a Load Balancing or Content Switching virtual server on the appliance.


To complete this task, the NetScaler appliance must have license for the Load Balancing, Content Switching, and Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing (AAA – Application Traffic) features.


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