Email alerts multiple times for same event

I need a solution


We’re often getting two or more email alert notifications on the same High-Risk intrusion event, and they’re sometimes minutes apart, or sometimes hours apart (the email notifications, that is). But they refer to the same event. Sometimes, the alert comes many hours after the event occurs.

Recently, we got two notifications for a single event. The first notification came in 10 minutes after the event (not too bad), but then a second notification 26 minutes after the event. It almost seems like there are two alerting jobs running that’s queueing up the same event for mailing.

This sometimes makes us think there’s multiple events occurring, when, in reality, there’s just one. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?



“Attention” notification, and “[ FIX ]” option does nothing

I need a solution


I have the “Attention” notification on all my hosted servers SEP Agent.  There’s also that “[ FIX ]” link above the “Update Definitions” link, however, clicking it does nothing but make it go “grey” so I can’t click it again.

I’ve rebooted, no change.  I’ve uninstalled the SEP Agent, and reinstalled from the latest Redistributable, no change.

There’s no alerts or notifications on the Cloud “console.”  This alert appears to be meaningless.  It’s certainly useless as there’s no information about what the alert is for.  The “[ FIX ]” link implies something can be done…but then it appears to be useless as well.

Nothing in the Windows Event Logs.

These are mostly WIndows Server 2012 VMs, with a few Windows Server 2016 devices.

Anyone got a clue?

(Screen shot attached.)



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Are there any issues with notifications on dW Answers? We do not receive notifications for ILMT tag when new question is added

Hi dWA Help,

Can you advise if there are any issues with notification system please?
We do not receive any notifications when a new question is added/posted to ‘ilmt’ tag, nor when someone edit a question or add their name tag like: ‘lmt-sg’.
We need to have these notifications so we can assign the questions!

This has been reported since today’s morning EMEA timezone and our notifications settings are the same and they used to work before.

Can we re-generate the notifications once the sistem will be working fine?

Thank you.



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How to set parameters for push notification on OpenWhisk package.


I’m trying to send push notification with OpenWhisk Push Notification package.

It works well with action directly.

wsk action invoke myPush/sendMessage –blocking –result -p text “ABC”

but I’m getting “No message to send” error with a rule like below.

wsk rule create myRule myTrigger myPush/sendMessage -p apnsPayload “{“aps”:{“alert”:”Hello”}}”

How can I set the parameters for sendMessage when I make a rule?

Is it possible to set the parameters with json file?