JBoss truststore periodic CRL check

Is JBOSS supporting certificate revocation lists or OCSP queries, in order to remove revoked certificates from the truststore and to close established connections? Maybe configurable with a time interval value when the check should run.


OpenSSL: how to setup an OCSP server for checking third-party certificates?

I am testing the Certificate Revocation functionality of a CMTS device. This requires me to setup a OCSP responder. Since it will only be used for testing I assume that the minimal implementation provided by OpenSSL should suffice.

I have extracted the a certificate from a cable modem, copied it to my PC and converted it to the PEM format. Now I want to register it in the OpenSSL OCSP database and start a server.

I have completed all these steps, but when I do a client request my server invariably responds with “unknown”. It seems to be completely unaware of my certificate’s existence.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone would be willing to have a look at my code. For your convenience, I have created a single script consisting of a sequential list of all used commands, from setting up the CA until starting the server:

You can also find the custom config file and the certificate that I am testing with:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.