ip removal from Symantec blacklist

I need a solution

Dear Sirs,

Our company is currently unable to send any emails to hotmail or outlook. We do not send spam or mass emails.

Please note we have two Internets in case of bad service on either one, our IP’s are:

Both of these IP’s are currently blocked.

We are virus free, we do not send spam.

Please can you solve this asap as we are unable to operate with our email blocked.



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Create a Client User

Requirements to Create a Client Creation Steps
Create Client by adding to a folder Resend Welcome Email
Guide for Clients Employees vs Clients Delete a User

Requirements to create a Client User

  • An Employee user
  • The manage client users permission
  • Changing a client email address or deleting a client user from the system both require the manage employee users permission.

Create a Client

First, head to People > Manage Users Home or Browse Clients. Click Create Client.

User-added image

Enter your user’s email address, first name and last name. (Company is optional). If you wish to add additional users, click Add another. When adding multiple users at Step 1, those users must all be given the same permissions and folder access later in the creation process.

By default, new client users are prompted to create a new password when they sign in to ShareFile for the first time. If you do not want your client to be able to set their own password, do not notify users they have been added to the account until after you have navigated to your user’s profile page and updated their Change Password permission.

User-added image

Next, you can assign folders to your user, as well as add the user to Distribution Groups. You may also copy folder permissions from an existing user to your new one – using Copy Folder Access will only copy folder permissions, not account permissions.

User-added image

Create a Client (Folder Access Menu)

You can also create a new client user from the Add People to Folder menu. A client user is created if you add an individual to a folder that is not currently a member of your account.

  1. Click on the name of the folder where you would like to grant the new user access.
  2. Access the People on this Folder tab or folder access menu.
  3. Click the Add People to Folder button.
  4. Click Create New User to add a new client user to your account with access to this specific folder.
  5. The user’s email address, first name and last name are required. The user will be created as a Client User and added to the list of users in the pane on the left.
  6. Check the “Notify Added Users” option in the bottom right.
  7. Save changes. Your user will receive an email notification that they have been added to the folder and must activate their account.
User-added image

When adding a client user through Folder Access, your new client user receives the following email notification:

User-added image

For updating user permissions after they have been added to a folder, see Folder Permissions.

Resend a Client Activation Link

When a user is added to ShareFile, they are provided an activation link (by email or by a link generated and delivered by the creator). If the newly created user does not access that activation link within 30 days, a new activation link must be sent. When resending an activation link, the previous activation link is deactivated.

To resend the Welcome Email containing the activation link:

  1. People > Resend Welcome Emails
  2. Enter your user’s email address or name to add them to the To field, or select them from the Address Book.
  3. Customize your email message as needed
  4. Click Send

User-added image


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Change ShareFile Email Address

Change ShareFile Email Address (or add a secondary)

First, Navigate to Settings > Personal Settings > Edit Profile.

Click Add Alternate Email and enter the desired email address.

ShareFile will send it a confirmation email containing an activation link. In order to use the alternate email address or make it your primary email address, you must click the activation link in the confirmation email. If you did not receive the confirmation email, or your activation link is expired, return to the Add/Edit Email Address section and click the Send Confirmation Email link to resend the confirmation email.

Once you have clicked the activation link, sign back into your account. This is a great chance to use the new email address you just verified.

Return to Personal Settings > Edit Profileand clickClick Make Primary to the right of the email address.

Note:- Refer CTX247727- Change ShareFile Time Zone , to know the process of changing the time zone in ShareFile


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Signing Up for a Right Signature 4 Trial

Anyone with a valid email address may sign up for a free trial from https://rightsignature.com.

A trial will last for 14 daysor until 5 documents are sent out, whichever comes first. The trial period and document limit cannot be extended.

User-added image

You will be asked for a company name and phone number as soon as you proceed.

This will create a brand new account, even if you already have a ShareFile account under this same email address. If you would like a trial connected to your ShareFile account, then please contact our Sales team.

User-added image

Please agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In order to send a document you will need to verify your email address.

User-added image

Click the verification link in the email sent to the email address to create a password for the trial account.

User-added image

All features are available on the trial, except for API and KBA. No more than 5 templates can be created in a trial account.


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How To Add or Remove User Licenses From Your ShareFile Account


Enterprise customers, please contact your Sales Rep to purchase additional licenses.

When users are added to your ShareFile account, the system will use their email extension to determine if it is required that the user be added as an employee user. Generally, any user added to the ShareFile account that has the same email extension as the account creator will be added as an employee user. For example, if the ShareFile account creator’s email address is sally@acme.com, any user added to the ShareFile account with the email extension @acme.com would be created as an employee user.

Strict Employee Licensing and Company Email Address

By default, you cannot create a client user with the same email suffix as your company (ex: johndoe@company.com). This is designed to prevent accounts from circumventing employee licensing requirements.

When a user attempts to create a client user with an employee company email, they will be prompted to send a request to an Admin on the account to create the user as an employee.

Admins will receive an email notification that allows them to review and/or approve the user creation request.

User-added image

Do my employees have to have my company’s email?

No. You are able to create an employee user with any email address extension.

Does disabling a user free up an employee license?

No. In order to regain the license for that user, the user must be deleted from the system.

Need more licenses?

For more information regarding ShareFile licenses, features and plan requirements, please consult the ShareFile Pricing page.


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How to import bulk local users on XenMobile console with User Property

If you want to add and import multiple users in bulk, you will have to create csv file .

The csv file format is typically of two type

  1. User – which will include user specific details (username, password, Role, member of)

  2. User property – (which will have the properties for the created users)

Now you will have to upload two csv files. The first will be uploaded as user format which will create the user and than you will have to upload the csv file which will contain user attributes .

The csv file for user format should be in the following format :


Here the username is “User1” and the password is “password” the roles assigned for him is “USER” and he is part of “Group1” , “Group2”.

Note : Please ensure that the groups are valid – if you use groups which are not present the user will not be added successfully. The best way to do it would be to check the existing groups and then mention the group name.

To add properties for the created user the user property csv should be in the following format :


Here we are adding email address and mobile for the existing user “User1”

Note :The property name for firstname is given name and for surname is sn. Hence the example would be like


To add Email: Mail
To Add First Name: givenname
To add Last Name: sn


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Turn Off ShareFile Email Notifications

Turn Off Email Alerts for Yourself

If you wish to stop receiving upload notifications for a specific folder, you may turn them off yourself.

  1. Sign in to your ShareFile account and navigate to the folder where you are subscribed to upload notifications.
  2. Beneath the folder contents you can find a checkbox that determines whether or not you receive email alerts when files are uploaded to the folder. Clear the checkbox to turn off email alerts.
  3. Users with admin permissions on a folder will also be able to manage their download alerts in this section.
  4. If you would like to reduce the frequency in which you receive email alerts, you can do this by turning on Consolidated email notifications under the My Settings link.

Turn Off Email Alerts for Others

To turn off email notifications for another user, you must have the Admin permission on the folder.

  1. Sign in to your ShareFile account and access the folder with notifications you wish to disable.
  2. To turn off email alerts, you must access the People on This Folder menu.
  3. Use the checkboxes in the Alerts columns to modify the notifications your users will receive. Once you have managed the alerts for your users, click the Save button.

I set notifications for a large number of folders and do not want to go through every folder to uncheck alerts…

To make going through your folders a bit easier, try navigating to your user profile page ( People > Browse Employees > Select User ) and click Configure Folder Access. You can use the folder tree menu to quickly navigate through folders and uncheck, rather than loading multiple separate pages in your account. Adjust your notification settings then save all of the changes.


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ATP: Email – scan existing emails?

I need a solution

Hi all, 

Here’s a scenario.  A franchise owner is stuck with a legacy email system that has no email security at all, not even spam filtering.  The IT people at HQ own the domain name for which all these franchise owners have their email, so the franchise owners have no control over anything.  And apparently there is no option to implement any type of security under the current system – probably more a budgtet or political issue than technical but whatever.  

Thus we have no options to implement Symantec email security at the domain level.  But, what if we got this user an Office 365 Business Premium account and set them up with some random domain name they buy at GoDaddy.  Would there be options within Outlook on a Windows machine to forward email or something and have it be scanned when it lands in the domain controlled by the user?  And ieven if that’s doable, would it be likely the user can do things like reply back, without it looking like it was some doulbe-forwarded email?  

Thanks very much.   




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ShareFile Inbox and Sent Messages

The files that will appear in your Inbox are ones that were sent through the web application of this account, selecting the option to Send email using ShareFile. Additionally, files sent through the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook will automatically be stored in your Inbox if you were required to log in before downloading the files.

Access the Inbox

The Inbox can be found in the sidebar of your account.

If you do not have an Inbox link, please contact your ShareFile Administrator.

Click the Subject line of a message to access the original message and the download link. The content of the original message will not be available for files sent through the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. If the message has not expired, you may click the Click here to download… link to download the file.

Sent Messages

The Sent Messages section in ShareFile only displays messages sent using the Share a File and Request a File functionality. This folder does not display records of messages sent such as new user welcome emails or upload/download notifications. If you would like to view all sent messages for your account, click on the Sent Messages link in the upper left corner of the web application. You can review the details of a specific message by clicking the Subject of the message. Use the checkbox if you want to resend, expire, or edit message options.

Note: If you wish to un-expire a link, please contact ShareFile Support. If the file associated with the link is no longer present in your account (or the file itself has expired from the File Box), then the link cannot be unexpired.

To archive an item, first locate the item in your Inbox and check the box to the left of the message. Then, click the Archive button to send it to your Archived section. You may Unarchive messages to return them to your Inbox. To do so, select the Archived section and check the message you wish to unarchive. Then, click the Unarchive button and the message will return to your Inbox.

Resend a File

After sending a file, you can resend the message later.

  1. Click the Inbox link in the sidebar.
  2. Select the Sent Messages link
  3. Check the box beside the message you wish to resend, then click the Resend button.
  4. You will be given an opportunity to revise your email options before sending the file.

Expire a Link

After sending a file, you can expire the link later.

  1. Click the Inbox link in the sidebar.
  2. Select the Sent Messages link
  3. Check the box beside the message you wish to resend, then click the Expire button.

Change a Link Expiration Date

After sending a file, you can expire the link later.

  1. Click the Inbox link in the sidebar.
  2. Select the Sent Messages link.
  3. Check the box beside the message you wish to resend, then click the Edit Message Options button.
  4. Use the Download Access Expires menu to adjust the date.
  5. Save.


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Email Notifications without attachments

I need a solution

Hello All,

I am just getting used to the forum so I hope I am in the correct location. I was asked whether or not we can receive all Symantec notifications with the information in the email directly rather than a HTML attachment to the email.  I have seen several posts about wanting attachments but we are looking to go the opposite direction and have the who,what,when,where in the email without having to open an attachment to see it.

I know some notifications give the option type for summary report or Event list but is there a global/general setting for all notifications to just send text without attachments?


Rocky Ramirez



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