Policy Center change in – PS Passwords Shareable

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Starting with PolicyCenter by default does not allow you to push touch or look passwords to the PacketShapers due to security concerns. However, this is a problem as one cound guess. To change the behavior back to sharable you have to do the following (from support):

There is a security risk with enabling the password push feature, which is why it has been disabled.  The only way to re-enable it is on a case by case basis, as Symantec will require the serial number of the PolicyCenter.  Using this serial number, a request will be made to Engineering to create an enablement key, which will then be provided to Support.  Support will then provide the enablement key to the customer along with the following instructions:

  1. Access the PolicyCenter CLI.
  2. Enable debug mode: pc showdebug 1
  3. Enter the enablement key you were provided: pc enablepushpw <enablement key>
  4. Disable debug mode: pc showdebug 0

This PolicyCenter unit will now be able to centrally manage passwords for all PacketShapers that are registered to it. 




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Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux and UNIX: How to set up the update sources from the command line

  • Select option 1 to view and record the current setup:

    > 1

    Primary update source address = \SEC6SophosUpdateCIDsS000savlinux

    Primary update cache path = /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/Primary

    Primary update source username = testdomSophosUpdateMgr

    Primary update source password = ********

    Update period minute = 60

    [1] Display update configuration

    Configure primary update source:

    [2] From Sophos

    [3] From own server

    Configure secondary update source:

    [4] From Sophos

    [5] From own server

    [q] Quit

    What do you want to do? [1]

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    administrator and limited administrator account is not working

    I need a solution

    Hi all, 

    I encounter a login problem for (administrator and limited administrator). My SEPM is integrated with AD, So, I thought it might be AD causing the problem but I created 3 admins(local) account with the different right. Only, the system administrator can successfully log in.  The rest got a problem with an error message 

    The error message is as follow 

    Administrator’s user name or password is incorrect. Type a valid user name or password. 

    does anyone encounter this problem before?? 



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