Proof’s in the Patent: Hacking, Jamming Drone That Can Destroy Itself After a Mission

Talk of drones that can hack air-gapped or isolated systems or devices has been going on for awhile.

Now, there is action, in the form of a 2018 patent request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Electronic warfare and cyber effects? Now that will get your attention, won’t it?

I just finished reviewing the patent request, and the drone sounds and looks like a flying wing-type design that can silently travel up to 150 mph when needed, but also reduce to a “loiter speed” near a target for at least 30 minutes.


The scenario listed is one where Surface to Air Missiles threaten U.S. Air operations during a battle. The unmanned drone would silently fly its way to a site where a Surface to Air Missile is setup, and potentially jam its signal or deliver a harmful cyber payload.

Will the drone have enough juice in its hydrogen battery to get back to where it was launched? It is designed to crash to the ground as a clean machine.

Says the patent request: “One benefit of this type of EW (electronic warfare) payload is its ability to self-sanitize after use, which allows it to delete data, codes, and other information at the end of flight. Accordingly, after a mission has been completed, the SUAS 10 may be crashed into a ground surface without fear of an enemy gaining data carried by the EW payload.”

Who filed for this patent? Current Department of Defense contractor Selex Galileo. See the hacking drone patent request here.

This sounds like great technology if it’s on your side. But how long before hackers figure out something similar that can fly over open environments like refineries or dams?

The answer to that question is still up in the air.


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Large json string payload not publish to IBM IOT using arduino

Hello Devs,

i’m trying send my all sensors data to IBM iot(using nodered) NoSQL clodant DB through ESP8266 arduino device…..

if i’m trying to this below json string…its successfully send to the ibm iot

and if i’m trying to send this object to IBM IOT…its not accept this json string….and published failed…

i’ve imeplement this code to publish json string

#define ORG “”
#define DEVICE_TYPE “”
#define DEVICE_ID “”
#define TOKEN “”
//——– Customise the above values ——–

char server[] = ORG “”;
char topic[] = “iot-2/evt/status/fmt/json”;
char authMethod[] = “use-token-auth”;
char token[] = TOKEN;
char clientId[] = “d:” ORG “:” DEVICE_TYPE “:” DEVICE_ID;

void loop() {
String payload = buildJson();
Serial.print(“Sending payload: “);

if (client.publish(topic, (char*) payload.c_str())) {
Serial.println(“Publish ok”);
} else {
Serial.println(“Publish failed”);
String buildJson() {

StaticJsonBuffer jsonBuffer;
JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
root[“sensor”] = “gps”;
root[“time”] = 1351824120;

root[“forcesensor”] = “force”;
root[“force”] = 140;

root[“weightsensor”] = “weight”;
root[“weight”] = 250;
JsonObject& d = jsonBuffer.createObject();
d[“d”] = root;

String jsonStr;
return jsonStr;

this code is always return the published failed message…

when i debug this code…i’ve to find something about json string…if i’m send four keys json this should be working great….but if i’m sending five or six keys json its not working….

guys can you please guide whats wrong in this arduino code…



Obtain Offense Event Payload from API AQL

My goal is to obtain the event payload(s) from the events related to specific Offenses via the API. I’ve tried the following so far, but I do not get any results. Am I missing something?

select utf8(payload) as PayloadString from events where inoffense(93179) START ‘1490620906031’ STOP ‘1490620906471’

select * from events where inoffense(93179)START ‘1490620906031’ STOP ‘1490620906471’

select utf8(payload) from events where inoffense(93179) START ‘1490620906031’ STOP ‘1490620906471’

Thanks in advance,


Passing unique value from One MPG(MQ FSH) to another MPG which also reads from MQ in MQMD header

Hello All,

We have a requirement where we need to pass DB sequence fetched in MPG1 to MPG2 and pass the original message received in MPG1 to MPG2 without altering the payload. We tried to alter MQMD header and pass it in CorrelID but it was getting modified when it reached MPG2. Below is the flow


Please suggest the best way of achieving this. Thank you



using regex to search through reference set

I have 400+ word entries in a ref set and looking for a way to match exact word in a payload. I have to use payload because it is very hard create a custom event property (the values are not predictable and poplated inconsistently)

ref set contains:-

12/01/2017 this is a payload 6123hello

and when any of payload match ref set –this would match the above payload.

the only way i could accuratley got this working is by using regular expression filter with the value b123hellob, But unsure how i would do this for 400+ values.


After autoupdate last weekend payload information wrongly displayed

After this weekend autoupdate we have gotten an increase in our offenses (Event type username) and after analyzing them it seems that the collected fields from the payload are incorrect. The username from the event does not occur in the payload, this is just an example we have encountered. Are there more people having these issues after the last auto-update?