Plug-in Outlook 2013

I need a solution


I have a Two-Tier environment with Endpoint Protect, the version of the Enforce console is 14.6.

The query is focused on the plug-in that should be installed in the Outlook application (in this case 2013) because despite the reinstallation of the agent, the plug-in is not installed on the computers.

Do you have any idea what’s going on?

Or why not install the plug-in?



Dojo built and jgz compressed plugin cached for ever?

We started to *”dojo build”* our plugins to reduce the number of files to load and compress the final js to jgz. However, it looks like when using jgz, the resources are cached forever, even the one part of the plug-ins but not compressed (like images). The only solution is to restart the navigator app, which is really inconvenient since it means an outage we didn’t have before. When not using jgz, simply reload the plugin gives instantly access to the new resources (services and resources). I found this [really old post][1] mentioning the same issue. We are using 2.0.3 FP8.

Any news about that? Any way to work around that? Any fix for this on the roadmap? Or maybe it’s working differently in ICN 3?




Watson Analysis keep in “process of investigating” and never ends

Hello, We installed the plug-in correctly but now we detected a lot of incidents that keep in “process of investigating” and never ends:

![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/14846-m4.png

Somebody know if is there any way to cancel the analysis or check some log for troubleshooting this kind of problem?



ibm explorer for zos where is debug tool

We have the PD Tools on the z/OS Host. We have about 35 IBM Explorer for zOS eclipse client users and 8 IDz/RDz eclipse client licensed users. AQUA site used to have a Debug Tool Plug-in offered within eclipse IBM Explorer for zOS client package. Without that plugin our users client software has no Daemon listener. I can select Developer for z Systems which brings in a Debug tool plug-in along with IBM Explorer for zOS package but when I install it makes Developer for z Systems the outer shell and uses a license.
How do I download/install an IBM eclipse client that will have debug tool plug-in enabling the daemon and be able to work with the host debug tool without purchasing more licenses?