Data Protection Advisor (DPA) authentication for the web published scheduled reports is disabled[1]

Article Number: 502581 Article Version: 4 Article Type: Break Fix

Data Protection Advisor,Data Protection Advisor Family

Data Protection Advisor (DPA) authentication for the web published scheduled reports has been disabled.

Some customers have a need to access DPA reports via a Web style interface. In DPA 5 a Web Server, acting as Report Portal was available,and could be accessed without a password.

This functionally has been removed from DPA 6. The Web Server component is a security vulnerability that requires near constant patching, fixing newly developed exploitation approaches. In addition, the strategic role of DPA is not to be the Report Portal, rather to publish reports to destinations, such as other portals, as required. For these reasons the portal was removed from the DPA.

Reports produced by DPA can continue to be accessed via a web server, if a web server is configured correctly. This would be the customer’s responsibility.

In DPA 6 functionality was added to publish to Microsoft Sharepoint 2013. This purpose of this was to eliminate the need for a web server. This would be a better option to consider. Details on publishing to MS Sharepoint can be found in the DPA internal help and DPA Installation and Administration Guide. Please contact EMC Technical Support for further details or information.

Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.


SourceOne: Random warnings from EMC SourceOne for Storage Management / RBS informing that the required permissions are not required

Article Number: 487941 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Storage Management 7.2 SP3,SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Storage Management 7.2,SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Storage Management 7.1 SP3,SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Storage Management 7.1 SP2

The following warning may be generated in the Web Frontend servers Application log:

The RBS configured credential is NOT used, please make sure the account: ‘<Account>’ has required permissions to access the RBS storage path: ‘<RBS Storage Location>’

Other than the warning, all other RBS functionality is operational.

This is a warning generated by the EMC SourceOne RBS code, due to a Microsoft bug. Periodically when Microsoft RBS tries to store the blob into file share, SharePoint does not use the credential passed in the Store configuration, instead it uses the service account, which is the account runs the IIS web site.

Verify the account running the web application has the proper credentials (Full Access) to the file share.

No other action is required.


Re: Backup Sharepoint 2016 with NMM

Hello experts,

we have a question about configuration of a SharePoint backup with NMM.

We tried to configure the backup with the wizard. Picture 1 is our farm. We have 2 WFEs.

We can choose one of the two WFEs for example xxxx076.

The backup works fine. But if we start NMM for recover, we only see the client xxx76 and xxx75 (Picture 2), not the xxxxx77.

The same if we choose the xxx77.

Does someone have the same configuration as us? And how do you configure the backup?


VAn Le



Re: Publish Dashboard

Once you have made your Dashboard template, you can publish it to the web. To do so, you have two options:

1) you can publish to SharePoint, if you go the Admin pane and setup a connector/login to a SharePoint server in your environment

2) you can publish the dashboard as an .html file

The first one is pretty easy, as Microsoft provides all the components and you don’t have to much after it’s all set up. However, this only works in SharePoint, and even then, only certain WebParts can interact with it, so you’ll need to have a competent SharePoint admin to help build anything complex on your pages.

The second one takes a bit more work. When you publish .html to a file, DPA can only write the file to a local filesystem. In most cases, you’ll need to move this file to another server – your webserver – for your users to see/interact with. In our case, we installed a simple FTP client to push the .html file from the DPA to a specific folder on the web server.

Let us know if that helps!



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Symantec for SharePoint needs to be installed on all SharePoint Servers in the SP2013 Farm?

I need a solution

Dear All,

I have a query regarding the Symantec Protection for SharePoint. Is it mandatory to install Symantec for SharePoint on all the SharePoint Servers?

We have 10 SharePoint Servers – 2 Web, 2 App, 2 Search query, 2 Search Component and 2 Search Crawl Servers. Do we require to install Symantec for SharePoint on all the 10 SharePoint Servers given above or only installation on 2 Web and 2 Apps are enough?

Please suggest., Thanks!



Block Download of file from Intranet/HTTP

I need a solution

We have a file hosted on our internal Intranet that we want to block from being downloaded to local/removable drive within our organization.  How can I achieve that? 

I see a way to detect, via endoint, a particular file name.  But when you save from the file from the intranet, you are given the ability to rename.

Thanks in advance.



Browser IPS causes documents to open really slow

I need a solution


one of our customers complained about the Browser Intrusion Prevention. As soon as it’s activated, it takes 1-3 minutes to open a PDF file (33mb) from the internal sharepoint server. Once they disable IPS, the file opens within a couple of seconds. We already tried to exclude the host but according to the customer it didn’t help…

Clients are running on 14 RU1 MP1b with Windows 10 and IE 11.

Any advice? Thanks in advance!



Problem with the browser intrusion prevention

I need a solution

We have a problem opening PDF Sharepoint reports. This takes between 2 and 4 minutes when browser intrusion prevention is activated. But when you disable this, the document will open for about 2-4 seconds. I have seen you can also make exceptions, but unfortunately I would not know which one i should take .

Maybe someone of you has an idea. Many Thanks