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I obviously spend a lot of time in the world of technology. So when I hear the word wallpaper, my first thought is the background image on my laptop or phone. But the more tactile form of wallpaper – that goes on an actual wall – is making “a fashionable comeback.”

And one of Dell’s entrepreneur customers, the interdisciplinary artist Kathryn Zaremba, is poised to take advantage of this trend and, in fact, may be one of the catalysts for the renewal in wallpaper popularity.

Artist and wallpaper designer Kathryn Zaremba sitting in her studio

Hers is not the mirrored and flocked wallpaper of my 1970s childhood, however. Zaremba’s designs include everything from swans and avocados to Matisse-inspired abstracts.

“Wallpaper seemed like a melding of my life experiences, I want to make things that enliven a space, that provide creative energy and inspiration for its inhabitants,” Zaremba told Urban Outfitters. “An idea for a pattern can really pop up out of nowhere or sometimes it’s in a museum looking at works of art or it might come out of playful experimentation in my studio.”

She spent time on theater sets and sound stages during her first career (yes, while many her age are still figuring out their first, Zaremba is onto her second career). Zaremba experienced coast-to-coast art galleries, stage sets and science museums, which became learning labs for her future illustrations and designs.

Zaremba stepped away from stage and screen to attend the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri and went on to graduate school at The Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C. It’s also where she founded her wallpaper business and co-founded The Lemon Collective, a workshop space in Washington D.C. that is focused “mostly on making and makers” The Washington Post reports.

Starting these endeavors after college, however, she did not have access to the same high tech equipment she did while in school. She connected with a Dell Small Business Technology Advisor who had tips on what tech would be good for her business – including a Dell Precision All-in-One.

“.. I’m pretty obsessed with it,” Zaremba says of her Dell Precision All-in-One. In the video below, she explains how she draws and cuts out shapes then digitizes them for her wallpaper. “I manipulate the shapes in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make wallpaper that is uniquely me for clients.”

Often she needs to meet with those clients in their own space, so her Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (below) allows her to take a portable studio with her. She notes that it is strong enough to power the creation of high-resolution illustrations, and “makes it easy to show [clients] vibrant details, samples and renders of how the wallpaper will come to life in their space.”

She might need to add some video conferencing technology to her setup next because people around the world are taking notice of Zaremba’s wallpaper. Her Swansy Noir and Muse Variations designs were recently featured in Refinary 29 UK’s list of “Best Removable Wallpaper for Your Rented Flat.”

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop in tablet mode on a desk

Our Small Business Technology Advisors are available and ready to help with your tech questions so you can focus on running your business. From selecting the right systems to incorporating servers or creating networks for employees and clients near and far, they can make managing your technology easy.


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A Face-Lift for GSS Automation Wallpapers…

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

So I will start this post out by saying that I am a huge fan of Altiris Deployment Solution and Ghost Solution Suite.  I have been using ADS/GSS for a little over 5 years and while it hasn’t always been the smoothest solution, I will say that it has been a solid product.  One disappointment has been the lack of updates to the interface.  I realize that Symantec has promised to update the interface as GSS continues to evolve, but I thought I might give them a head start on at least one portion of that.

For starters the wallpaper Symantec has been using in the ADS/GSS/SMP automation environment is literally like 10 years old, maybe more.  It is of square/letterbox aspect ratio – 4:3, and it is also super low resolution – 640×480.  When it loads up on a system that is reimaging the wallpaper is stretched horribly and just looks like something from the 90’s.  Since most monitors today are widescreen and very high resolution it makes the wallpaper look even worse on most modern equipment.

My attempt to modernize this eyesore was to create a high definition widescreen wallpaper that was simple yet elegant.  But I also wanted to try and give Ghost Solution Suite a sort of official branding, something I feel they are lacking at this point.  

When you look at other Symantec products, Symantec has done a really good job of creating official modern logos and branding for most of their other products which looks consistent and polished when you market the product line-up.   With GSS however, the product was kind of the death of one product and the rebranding of another product so when you look for logos and official branding, it’s all over the place.

I tried my best to make this look like something Symantec themselves came up with.  I absolutely in no way intend any copyright infringement, nor do I seek any compensation for my work.  I just wanted the automation environment to look more modern out of box.  If you like wallpapers, I encourage you download them and replace the old dated ones. 

If you don’t already know, the wallpapers get placed in the following location(s):


Here are some technical details about the wallpapers:

  • Resolution is 1920×1080 (Widescreen)
  • Includes both locked and unlocked versions
  • Includes both .jpg and .bmp file types
  • Created using official symantec logos/artwork (

Ok, I will stop rambling now and show you what I’ve made…

Just for reference…here are the originals:

Original – Locked

Original – Unlocked

And here are my custom wallpapers running in a vm so you can see what they look like at non-native resolution…

Custom Gold – Locked

Custom – Gold – Unlocked

These blue colored logo wallpapers was just me messing around… but I do like them better than the gold. 😛

Custom Blue – Locked:

Custom Blue – Unlocked:

Finally… if you want them, you can download them from here:

GSS Gold Wallpapers

GSS Blue Wallpapers

GSS Gold Wallpapers – One Drive Mirror

GSS Blue Wallpapers – One Drive Mirror

Thanks guys, any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂

– Joel Iglesias



3D Wallpapers

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Re: Isilon Visio Stencils

VisioCafe has the older, legacy stencils from long, long ago. If you need current stencils, search EMC Support for “Visio Stencils” or “

2016-10-04 14_02_55-C__Users_lewiskar_AppData_Local_Microsoft_Windows_Temporary Internet Files_Conte.png

You’ll see the article is dated February 05, 2016 and has the following stencils in it.

Let us know if that helps!