IBM Web Push Notifications does not work on Chrome

I am configuring IBM Web Push Notifications.

The notifications are working on firefox, but not in chrome. ¿What could be the problem?

The browser does not have problem with the subscription. But when I send the notification. it never comes.

In the manifest.json I have this

“name”: “Push Notifications IBM”,
“gcm_sender_id”: “1067972133782”,
“permissions”: [

In the index.html

Hello World
test web push notifications

function myFunction() {
var bmsPush = new BMSPush()
function callback(response) {
var initParams = {
bmsPush.initialize(initParams, callback)
bmsPush.register(function(response) {


BMS Push Cordova – determining application state and user response

We are using BMSPush to receive push notifications in a cordova application and are having difficulty in determining the application state (foreground / background) when the notification was received.

If the app is running in the background the operating system notification is displayed and we can handle the touch event to navigate to the desired location in our app.
If the app is running in the foreground no system notification is displayed and we therefore need to provide our own UI to handle the user interaction.

However we only have a single event that we can listen to “registerNotificationsCallback”. If the app is in the foreground then this fires immediately with no user interaction. When the app is in background this fires when the user taps the notification. No application state is included in the callback data.

We have tried interrogating the app for the application state, but it is always foreground by the time the notification event handler has fired.

Additionally there does not appear to be any information as to whether the user cancelled the notification or tapped on it. We still hit the same notification event.


IBM Push Notification Plugin for Titanium/Appcelerator Studio


I am going to use IBM Push Notification for android/iOS from Titanium/Appcelerator Studio.
I could see this link saying titanium studio version is 3.x. Compatible

I would like to know whether the IBM Push Notification plugin supports the latest Titanium/Appcelerator studio for android/iOS.

Please Advise.


An error occurred while firing a rule.

Product: SQL Server Notification Services
Event ID: 4085
Source: NotificationServices
Version: 2.0.9999.9
Message: An error occurred while firing a rule.
This is an internal Notification Services error.
User Action
Restart the service for the instance of Notification Services.