Remember postgresql will have case sensitivity on by default.

Connecting to the database – verify case sensitivity.


ZSD configuring Integrations with a ZCM db – Sybase db is ZENworksDB

After migrating to PostgreSQL check case – it maybe zenworksdb

It is possible to run postgres command directly in the internal database.

Example: ZENworks Service Desk Server Name is NIM-ZSD

Log in to appliance as root/pw and run queries

NIM-ZSD:~# su – postgres


Check postgres Version
postgres@NIM-ZSD:~> psql -V

Connectto the DB

postgres@NIM-ZSD:~>psql servicedesk

Run db queries (don’t forget the ending ; )

servicedesk=#: select * from team;

Run a script

servicedesk=# i <filename>.sql;

Restore a dump of the database (see Additional Information for details)

servicedesk=# psql -U postgres -d servicedesk < /tmp/zsdDb.backup

Quit Service Desk db command line


Exit from Service Desk Database console


Log out of elevated user

NIM-ZSD:~# logout


Backup the internal PostgreSQL Database (will be prompted for the db password)

NIM-ZSD:~#pg_dump –dbname=postgresql://sdadmin@localhost:5432/servicdesk –file=/tmp/zsdDb.backup –encoding=UTF8 –blobs –format=tar


(see Additional Information below for details on the db password)

Appliance command for the database
ZCM Check service: systemctl [status | stop | start | restart] zenpostgresql.service | more
ZCM Check version: cat /vastorage/var/opt/novell/pgsql/data/PG_VERSION
ZSD Check service: systemctl [status | stop | start | restart] postgresql.service | more
ZSD Check version: cat /vastorage/pgsql/data/PG_VERSION (or see above logged in as postgres)


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