Mobile Carrier Archiving


Mobile communication continues to be a staple for work communication. Whether it’s email on a smartphone, calling clients or coworkers, or sending texts to potential customers, mobile is essential for today’s business. In fact, a recent study by Samsung of professionals, site workers, field service workers, drivers, public safety workers, and healthcare workers found that, …

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Amazon Web Services Launch Free Ethereum and Blockchain Hyperledger Templates for Users

Blockchain adoption is surging worldwide as corporate giants fall in line and take measures to adopt and integrate the distributed ledger technology to handle various aspects of their business.

Walmart, the largest retailer in the world has been filing blockchain patents, Samsung may be about to use blockchain for their huge logistics operations, and now Amazon Web Services (AWS) has deployed Ethereum and hyperledger fabric blockchain templates on its website. According to Amazon’s subsidiary AWS, the templates have been created to allow for quick and easy deployment of blockchain systems on site.

A fast and easy way to create and deploy secure blockchain networks using open source frameworks


The templates are there for users to integrate blockchain into their Amazon retail enterprises, perhaps the highest level of mainstream blockchain customization and adoption to date in the blockchain space. Amazon generated $30 billion worth of revenue last year and, allowing sellers to develop their own blockchain systems independently of each other, could allow for rapid development and practical implementation of different experimental blockchain networks.

There is no additional charge for AWS Blockchain Templates. You pay only for the AWS resources needed to run your blockchain network. You can create and deploy blockchain networks in any public AWS region.


The tools to create new blockchain networks can be found on the getting started page of AWS. The launch of the templates comes two years after AWS partnered with Digital Currency Group (DCG) in 2016 to begin experimenting with and integrating blockchain.


7022817: Unable to open a forwarded mail on a Samsung S8 device


GMS 2014 R2 build 145

GMS 2014 R2 build 209

The issue can not be re-produced using GMS 18 build 222

Steps to duplicate:

1.Forward a mail using a Samsung S8 device using either the Samsungmail app or the GMail app.

2.Notice that the forwarded mail will appear as an eml file.

3.Notice that opening the eml file on an iPhone will work.

4.Notice that opening the eml file on a Samsung S8 device usingeither the Samsung mail app or the GMail app will make the appcrash.


Samsung Storage Encryption Policy loads Secure Startup Screen when applied


Why is Secure Startup requested on device when applying Storage Encryption Policy?


Samsung used to allow Device Encryption with “Encrypt Device” setting:

Device Encryption

Recently, this option has been removed, and Secure Startup is responsible for the device encryption:

Secure Startup

This is the reason why, when the Storage Encryption policy is applied, the user is requested to enable Secure Startup on the device.


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Symantec Encryption Desktop not allowing me to enter passphrase

I need a solution

I have a HP 8200 Elite Desktop with a Samsung SSD and recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 without any issues. I then installed a copy of Symantec Encryption Desktop v10.4.1MP2 software and the encryption process went through without a hitch; that was until I rebooted the PC.

I get the Symantec prompt asking me to enter the passphrase but the keyboard doesnt respond. I’ve tried pressing F4 as indicated to show the keyboard without success. The system has actually locked up as the Caps Lock and Numlock keys doesn’t show the light going on and off. The keyboard is a USB connected keyboard and works fine as I can access the BIOS settings without any problems.

I have already reset the BIOS settings to factory default. Any ideas most welcomed?

I assume I can use a Symantec recoery CD to decrypt the drive as I have the encryption key to hand? Do you have a link for the Encryption Desktop v10.4.1MP2? software?