Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations

The tailwinds across West Texas continue to hint at IT growth during this age of digital transformation. Humans have developed an insatiable appetite for compute. Whether it be the latest gadget on your wrist, in your hand, in your car, at home, in the office office, or at the data center – compute is at the heart of almost everything that touches our everyday life. Compute has been the fuel of the digital revolution. But the question remains, how do we keep IT advancing?

In April 2005, Gordon Moore stated in an interview that Moore’s Law cannot be sustained indefinitely: “It can’t continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens.” Humans are a resilient species, constantly innovating, and in the case of Moore’s Law, finding ways to delay the inevitable. In the world of computer architecture and in particular Server, it is this quest to avoid the “eventual disaster” that propels us to advance technology and to observe the challenges around us so we can delay (or work around) the inevitable.

With that said, at Dell EMC in the Server and Infrastructure group, our outstanding group of senior technologists have come up with their 2020 edition of Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations Report found here (pdf):

Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations Report

In this report the 12 biggest trends and observations from “data is king” to “the rack’s the limit” to “money for nothing, chips for free” and more are covered in more detail than can be conveyed in a short blog post.

If you have questions, want to go deeper, or want to understand the Dell EMC server family, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives. For more musings please follow me on LinkedIn or visit my other blogs.

To learn more about PowerEdge servers, visit the PowerEdge Server page, or join the conversation on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy this year’s edition.


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ShareConnect File Server Access

Administrators can now setup access to a file server for their team to share files and apps remotely from their ShareConnect mobile apps. Users can also access a file server in the ShareConnect web app.

Setup File Server Access Share File Server Access with other users Access your File Server

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 or later

Setup File Server access

  1. From the server that you wish to establish remote access to, sign into your ShareConnect account (via This may require accessing your server and launching a default browser application.
  2. Click Setup File Server Access.
  3. In the File Server Access dialog, click Setup Now to install ShareConnect on the server. Follow the installation prompts to complete setup.
  4. Once you have installed ShareConnect on your server, you will be able to access it from your ShareConnect account! You may connect to your file server when it is on and connected to the Internet.
User-added image

User-added image

Share your File Server with other users

To share file server access, administrators must click on the Share Computers link in the left navigation. From this menu, you can grant other users on your account access to the Server. Once granted access, that user will be able to see and access the server when they sign into ShareConnect. To learn more about Sharing Computers and servers, click here.

User-added image

Access Files from the web application

Team members can also access shared files from the web application, mobile apps, or ShareConnect Desktop app.

Web App

To access files, teams members that have been granted access to the file server must:

1. Log in to the ShareConnect account and access the Computers list.

User-added image

2. Click on the File Server to connect to it. (To sign in as a different user, click the Back arrow.)

3. The Recent Files list will load. Users can download files from the File Server as needed. Click a file to download it.

User-added image

Desktop App

  1. After you connect to your server, you can see a list of folders.
  2. To view and edit your files, navigate to a specific file and double-click on it. Choose the option to Open and Edit and save the file on your host.
  3. To download your files, navigate to a folder of your choice or create a new folder by selecting the Make New Folder button and click OK.


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endpoint server migration(15.0MP1)—> 15.1MP2

I need a solution


I have a situation where, I need to move an existing endpoint servers(with reporting agents) from 15.0MP1 application server  to a 15.1MP2 app server. Is there any way I can preserve  the transfer of the configurations of the  endpoint server(15.0MP1)  during my ugrade to 15.1MP1 or MP2 to register it to the new Enforce server(15.1MP2)?



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PowerEdge & Microsoft: Better Together at Microsoft Ignite 2019

This is a big year for the Microsoft community with two of the most ubiquitous platforms – Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 going End of Support. That’s sure to be a hot topic at Ignite 2019 next week (November 4-8) in Orlando, Florida.

If you’ve visited Dell Technologies at a trade show, attended a roadshow, or even listened to one of our webinars throughout the year, you’ve seen our Real Transformation booth. There’s never been a clearer “this just got REAL” moment like facing an End of Support event. So we’re taking that theme to the “House of the Mouse” and looking forward to some engaging discussions.

Dell EMC and Microsoft have been partners for more than three decades, and today we’re doing more exciting work together than ever before. That’s in part due to the fact that the challenges for our customers have never been greater. And that gives us a chance to bring more than just world-class infrastructure to the market by offering solutions combining the best in hardware, software, services and management tools to address those complex challenges.

Dell’s partnership with Microsoft goes back more than thirty years during which time we’ve co-developed innovative hardware and software solutions with the goal of simplifying IT for our customers. Never has this been more important than today where hybrid cloud, AI and hyper-converged infrastructure are making it even more challenging for organizations to keep pace with change. Looking ahead to the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2019, we have been testing early versions of the software and the results are amazing. On the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, we’ve seen upwards of 2.7x transaction processing speed. 1 This is an early indication of the power of our platforms and the strength of our partnership with Microsoft. We are looking forward to a very engaging Ignite and hope you will come speak with us at the event! – Chad Fenner, Senior Director, PowerEdge Product Management

From a PowerEdge perspective, we have plenty of cool things up our sleeve that we’re excited to share with you. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but here’s a preview of what’s happening with PowerEdge at Ignite:

Dell Technologies Booth # 1547

If you’re in Orlando, come see us in the Dell Technologies booth! We’ll have experts ready to answer all of your End of Support questions, in-booth theater presentations, and some cool giveaways. We’ll have some of our new hardware including the PowerEdge MX that you can open, explore, and even swap some components. We’ll be running a demo of our OpenManage integration with Windows Admin Center and some live diagnostics on the PowerEdge R740xd. Yes, we know this is a cloud and software show, but we like to throw in a subtle reminder that all this modern software needs the best2 in modern hardware.

There are some fun interactive ways to learn more about our joint PowerEdge and Microsoft solutions. Highlights include:

OpenManage Monster Hunter, sponsored by KIOXIA – Halloween may be the week before but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In this game you’ll fight zombies and bats to modernize your datacenter. You’ll work your way through our OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center on AzureStack HCI, integration with Microsoft System Center, and OpenManage Enterprise on the PowerEdge MX. There will be a leaderboard, and some excellent prizes, so challenge your friends.

Tech Trivia – This Jeopardy! style game will help you learn more about the entirety of the Dell Technologies portfolio – from servers to storage to services. Of course, that also includes our full line of laptops and gaming hardware. Play Tech Trivia and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a Ring Doorbell.

Dell Technologies Scavenger Hunt – Engage, learn and become more social with our Dell Technologies booth, solutions and activities. Dust off your hashtags and earn stamps, make sure you redeem your card in the booth for fantastic daily prizes including a GoPro HERO7 and a grand prize drawing on Thursday for a set of BOSE noise-cancelling headphones.

RHEL Button Contest – Grab a button, pin it on, snap a creative pic somewhere at the event and post to Instagram with the hashtag #SQLonRHELonDell. First place DAILY winners will receive a 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron laptop.

Breakout Sessions

PowerEdge will be represented in the following breakout sessions:

It’s all about the data: Abstraction beyond virtualization

Speaker: Stephen McMaster, Engineering Technologist, Dell EMC

Wednesday, November 06, 10:55 AM in Theatre 7

In the data driven age, information is as valuable as currency. Only when you can harness data from multiple sources and formats can you accelerate business innovation. Containerization enables agility at hyperscale and is a critical step towards achieving true data abstraction beyond just virtualization. Join us to learn how Dell EMC delivers foundational solutions to support Microsoft SQL Server 2019, including big data clusters, enabling businesses to take advantage of next-generation analytics, and go behind their data to draw valuable insights.

There is a new era in data management – Dell Technologies makes data innovation a reality

Speaker: Stephen McMaster, Engineering Technologist, Dell EMC

Thursday November 07, 10:15 AM in OCCC West

There are many paths towards modernizing the Microsoft Data Estate. Designing the right solution that meets today’s needs while laying the foundation for where your business will need to be tomorrow is a critical step in becoming an innovation leader. Join us as we outline the modernization strategies organizations need to consider in this new era of data abstraction and how Dell Technologies can guide you on this journey.

Evening Events

The fun doesn’t stop when the show floor closes. We have a great line-up of invitation-only events for our customers and those who want to learn more about Dell Technologies solutions.

Customer Appreciation Celebration at the Andretti Racing Center

We love our customers and the chance to celebrate with them! So rev up your engines for this fast-paced racing experience on November 6 at 6:30pm at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. This event is by invite-only and will likely reach capacity so please reach out to your account team for more information to register.

Dell Technologies Hospitality Suite – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Relax in the Dell Tech Hospitality suite – complete with food, beverages, and a place to unwind. Open Monday – Wednesday, this suite will give you the opportunity to learn from Dell Technologies, Red Hat, and Intel experts while recharging yourself (and your phone if it needs some charging too). Registration is required.

SQL Server 2019 Conversations and Cocktails – Tuesday November 5 4:00-6:30

Connect with your peers at this informal gathering of like-minded SQL Server connoisseurs to share the technical pitfalls, gotchas and successes learned. Share a beverage, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and meet the experts from Dell Technologies, Intel and Red Hat who are ready to answer your questions and better arm you to take your business further, faster. This exclusive celebration will take place at the Oceanaire Seafood Room and is available by registration only, until full, here:

If you’re running an End of Support platform or one that will be soon, come talk to us. We make modernizing easy and can get you back on a supported platform and can even help you transform the way you look at IT.

We look forward to seeing you next week at Ignite!

To learn more about PowerEdge, visit, or join the conversation on Twitter @DellEMCservers.

[1] IDC WW Quarterly x86 Server Tracker, 2018Q4, Mar. 6, 2019 – Units & Vendor Revenue

[2] Persistent Memory Performance in vSphere 6.7 with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory – VMware, April 2019


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Client communicate with server using multiple IP addesses

I need a solution


I have a problem with DCS client installed on Redhat Linux 7.  We have 4 servers have dcs agent installed , but those 4 server never go online with each other. 

For example we have server1 , server2 , server3 , and server4 

when server1 is online server2 goes offline , if we restart services or something like that server2 goes online and server1 become offline , the same happened for server3 and server4 .

We checked and notice that server1 , 2 , 3, and 4 use mulitple IPs to communicate to te server . I mean that each server has around 6 Network Interface cards , each NIC configured with different IP , so dcs client installed on Redhat Linux use different IP to communicate with server each time .

I believe if we can configure the client to use only one IP while communicating to dcs server , this problem will be solved , what do you think ?




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Cybera Makes a Strong Case for Accelerating Your IT Refresh Cycle

This is the story of how a well-established and respected managed network services provider decided on an aggressive, business-bolstering 3-year server refresh cycle. We take it for granted that our experience at the gas station, grocery store, bank, or doctor’s office always offers fast, easy, and secure transactions, as well as readily available inventory and immediate updates to loyalty points. Ever wonder how merchants offer this seamless experience? Chances are the merchant you visit depends on Cybera cloud-based managed network services for their applications, security, and PCI compliance. In turn, the Cybera services rely on PowerEdge … READ MORE


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Restart Required ??

I need a solution

Hello folks,

is restart mandatory for a client install?
I have some critical servers fwhere a restart is something that our team cannot perform.
So, if I proceed with the Basic client features fot Servers, does the agent install still requires an endpoint restart ?





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PII Data Discovery and Methodology

I need a solution


Looking to get guidance on data discovery scans I would to perfrom in a large enterprise envrionment that highly sensitive organization. We are looking at 500+ servers (File and Databases) and 3000+ endpoint laptops/desktops. The goal is to discover PII data on these target systems. The goal is to perfrom discovery scans on the target endpoints while limiting the network impact and impact on the target systems. 

Currently I am stuck between using IDM and EMDI and trying to understand if Keyword matching or RegEx utilization will be sufficient to discover PII without impacting the network. The challange here with IDM and EMDI is creating the data source indexs and there are challanges in terms of scability. Any guidance on the approach to take in performing ONLY data discovery would be appreciated. Thank you.

Are there any guides that explain how to scale DLP envrionment in terms of adding endpoint and network discover servers when going from TBs of data to PTs of data? 



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“Time out reached while waiting for …. SepMasterService” error, causing virtual machine freezes?

I need a solution

i have a Windows Server 2012 virtual machine that will freeze up and require a full system restart every few days. Before the freeze up occurred,  errors in Event Viewer show “A time out (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the SepMasterService service.”

what is causing this error, and could it be resulting in a system freeze?

Could it also interfere with the operation of other programs on my machine? Because at other times, a web server program will cease working properly and will need to be restarted. The web server’s TCP port is seen as open, but any attempt to access the web page it services results in a blank screen. 

This series of errors appears to be the only troubleshooting clue in Event Viewer.

i saw a closed topic similar to this one posted last year  here:

although a tech support person from Symantec comments in the thread, the solution is not mentioned. Anyone else seen this issue and have a fix for it?



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