FAQ: Access to Shared Address Book and Distribution Groups

Q: Is there a way to restrict access to the Shared Address Book or Distribution Groups?

A: It is not possible to deny access to these areas of an account. They will be visible to all employee users.

Q: But what if I don’t want users to be able to change the information in the Shared Address Book?

A: Employee users cannot edit the Shared Address Book unless they have been granted the “Edit Shared Address Book” permission.

Q: Why can’t I find a Distribution Group created by an Employee user when I’m an administrator?

A: The creator of a distribution group needs to select “Share this distribution group with all employees” in order for other users to have access.

Q: How can I create a Shared Distribution Group without the ability for other users to edit the group?

A: If you share a distribution group with all employee users, any employee with the admin permission for “Edit other users’ shared distribution groups” will be able to edit the group.


How to Allow a single YouTube video through web security services

I need a solution

Dear All,

Our company does not allow YouTube or streaming media.  However, there is one video we want our users to view

We have tried allowing requested URL but it has many redirections and file content & we have to add evry single redirected link which contain file as well as we  cannot allow any for youtube.

SSL interception is enabled.

Please guide with best practice and solution.



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Baker’s Half Dozen – Episode 1: Is Cloud a Place? Or Are We All Missing the Premise?

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It seems like there’s a new trend every day in the technology industry leaving us with loads of questions around what comes next. Not surprisingly, many of those thoughts end up on social media just waiting to be addressed. Well, we decided it’s time for someone to address them…or at least attempt to anyways. Introducing Baker’s Half Dozen, a monthly video series starring Matt Baker. Matt is the SVP of planning and strategy at Dell EMC, but more importantly for us, he’s all over Twitter sharing his point of view on topics across the board. Each … READ MORE


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problem using whatsapp application through Proxysg

I need a solution

we facing issue for whatsapp application voice call through proxysg in transparent mode.Any configuration need to be done.

Voice traffic will work through proxysg .

one more query will whatsapp work in explicit mode.