ShareConnect for IT Admins

ShareConnect users can submit Help tickets to the IT administrator on the ShareConnect account. When opening a help ticket, reporters may select the app where the issue was encountered, as well as provide a screenshot and description of the issue. Admin users on the account can then review tickets and quickly access the device or computer remotely, if necessary.

Important – This feature allows you to submit tickets to an Admin user on your account. This feature does not forward issues to ShareConnect Customer Support.

End User (Client) – Submit a Help Ticket

Note – this option only appears for users that have installed ShareConnect as Clients. Click here for more information on the Add a Client Computer feature.

To submit a ticket to the IT Admin on your account, right-click the ShareConnect icon in the task tray and click Get Help.

At the following menu, you can select the App experiencing the issue, provide a brief description, and include a screenshot of the error if applicable. Click Submit when you’re ready.

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Admin – Review Help Tickets

As an Admin user, you can review submitted tickets from the ShareConnect Desktop App.

To review tickets, access the Tickets menu in the sidebar on the left of the app window. This will load all current help tickets for your review.

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Click a ticket to review its contents. Important information will be displayed on the left. If you would like to connect to the host computer to begin troubleshooting, use the Start Screen Sharing button to connect (if the computer is available).

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What's New for ShareConnect

Wondering when a certain feature was released or fixed? Check out our release history.

KEY – (Version) Build Number

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ShareConnect Windows


Fixes for network drive issues during host installation

Fix for incorrect preferences set after host installation

Fix for timeout when multiple users are signed into one machine


Support for screen capture during IT ticketing process

Improvements to About menu

Fix for desktop icon rearrangement

Fix for streaming communications failure error

(4.5) 4306

Added support for reporting authentication failures

Fix for connection issues

(4.4) 4269

Added support for connecting to a computer that has been booted into safe mode with networking

Fix for an issue with in-session features (File transfer, remote sound, remote printing) after switching users in-session

Fix for an issue with sessions dropping from the HTML5 viewer when no users had logged in

Fix for icons getting re-arranged after ending a session

(4.3) 4252

Additional changes to honor account policy settings set by administrators

(4.2) 4234

Added support for switching users in-session while connecting from the desktop app

Added support to view multiple monitors while connecting from the HTML5 Viewer

File transfer improvements – Drag and drop files from the viewer onto the file transfer window, rename, and delete files(4.1) 4159

Fix for app going unavailable after reboot

(4.1) 4131

Fix for app being unable to communicate with server

(4.1) 4102

Minor changes

(4.0) 4046

Added feature for clients to request help from ShareConnect user

(3.9) 3501

Fixed an issue with screen blanking and User Account Control dialogues

Fixed to ensure icons in the toolbar display properly when connecting from iOS

(3.8) 3467

Miscellaneous stability fixes

(3.7) 3416

Fix for an issue with Quickbooks and selective app access

(3.7) 3397

Fix for sessions not starting after entering credentials

(3.6) 3378

Fix for copy/paste between computers

Selective App access improvements for client computers

(3.5) 3313

Fix for an issue with file transfer

Fix for an issue causing high CPU usage

Updated messaging for client computer setup if download expires

(3.4) 3262

Speed improvements

Fix to allow ShareConnect to be installed from connectors page

User-added image
ShareConnect Desktop

(7.0) 1655

New File Transfer Dual-Pane Menu

Improvements to in-session app updates

Fixes for freezing and full-screen issues


Ability to send client download link directly from Desktop

Ability to search computers

Improvements to screenshot capturing in IT Ticket process


Floating Toolbar added to Full-Screen Mode

Monitor switching remapped to Alt+Arrow key shortcut

Fixes for host rename character errors

Fix for cursor display issues

(6.5) 1556

Fixes for connection issues

Fix for the app taking a long time to sign in

Tickets dialogue hidden if there are no open tickets

(6.4) 1545

New look and feel for many screens

Streamlined in-session toolbar

Multi-monitor navigation updated to use arrows (arrows can be clicked and dragged to new positions)

Added support for full screen both monitors (multiple monitors on the host may be viewed simultaneously using multiple monitors on the viewing computer)

(6.3) 1522

Several crash fixes

(6.2) 1517

Additional changes to honor account policy settings set by administrators

(6.1) 1486

Added support for switching users while in-session

File transfer improvements – Drag and drop files from the viewer onto the file transfer window, rename, and delete files

(6.0) 1427

Several crash fixes

Fix for screen blanking not honoring user preferences

Notification if a session has dropped because another user has connected to the host computer

Fix for a clipboard issue with Microsoft Excel formulas

Fix for an issue with automatic updates (Users on previous version v5.0 1391 need to update manually)

(v5.0) 1391

Added ability to report a problem

Added file transfer feature

Added copy/paste between computers

Added remote sound feature

Added ability to connect to a Mac host

Added grouping of computers by type

Reduced number of log files kept

Fix for display issues when custom sizing is active

Corrected information shown if another user is logged in

(4.0) 1284

Added support for remote printing

Added ability to view help requests

(3.1) 1121

Added support for multiple monitors

Miscellaneous speed improvements

Fix for shift and arrow keys not passing during remote sessions

(3.0) 1104

Added support for multiple simultaneous sessions

Miscellaneous bug fixes

User-added image
File Server Access

(2.4) 4065

Drag and drop files from the viewer onto the file transfer window, rename, and delete files when connecting from the Desktop App

(2.3 4060

Fix for app going unavailable after a reboot

(2.3) 4030

Miscellaneous speed improvements

Minor changes and bug fixes

(2.2) 4005

Fix so that only files and folders a user has explicit read permission to are visible

(2.1) 3328

Support for installation and setup over RDP

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Upload button is disabled for read only files

User-added image
ShareConnect Mac Host

(3.2) 2597

Additional changes to honor account policy settings set by administrators

(3.2 2583

Minor changes

(3.1) 2129

Notification added if other users need to log out before installing​


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ShareConnect File Server Access

Administrators can now setup access to a file server for their team to share files and apps remotely from their ShareConnect mobile apps. Users can also access a file server in the ShareConnect web app.

Setup File Server Access Share File Server Access with other users Access your File Server

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 or later

Setup File Server access

  1. From the server that you wish to establish remote access to, sign into your ShareConnect account (via This may require accessing your server and launching a default browser application.
  2. Click Setup File Server Access.
  3. In the File Server Access dialog, click Setup Now to install ShareConnect on the server. Follow the installation prompts to complete setup.
  4. Once you have installed ShareConnect on your server, you will be able to access it from your ShareConnect account! You may connect to your file server when it is on and connected to the Internet.
User-added image

User-added image

Share your File Server with other users

To share file server access, administrators must click on the Share Computers link in the left navigation. From this menu, you can grant other users on your account access to the Server. Once granted access, that user will be able to see and access the server when they sign into ShareConnect. To learn more about Sharing Computers and servers, click here.

User-added image

Access Files from the web application

Team members can also access shared files from the web application, mobile apps, or ShareConnect Desktop app.

Web App

To access files, teams members that have been granted access to the file server must:

1. Log in to the ShareConnect account and access the Computers list.

User-added image

2. Click on the File Server to connect to it. (To sign in as a different user, click the Back arrow.)

3. The Recent Files list will load. Users can download files from the File Server as needed. Click a file to download it.

User-added image

Desktop App

  1. After you connect to your server, you can see a list of folders.
  2. To view and edit your files, navigate to a specific file and double-click on it. Choose the option to Open and Edit and save the file on your host.
  3. To download your files, navigate to a folder of your choice or create a new folder by selecting the Make New Folder button and click OK.


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How to Reboot/Start/Stop and Perform Other Tasks on NetScaler SDX Instance Using CLI

1. First we need to get the XenServer IP address in order to SSH into it. Go to the shell of the SVM and run networkconfig:

bash-2.05b# networkconfig


NetScaler SDX initial network configuration.

This menu allows you to set and modify the initial IPv4 network addresses.

The current value is displayed in brackets ([]).

Selecting the listed number allows the address to be changed.


1. Management Service Host Name [nssdx-mgmt]:

2. Management Service IPv4 address []:

3. XenServer IPv4 address []:

4. Netmask []:

5. Gateway IPv4 address []:

6. Default Interface [0/1]:

7. DNS IPv4 Address []:

8. Cancel and quit.

9. Save and quit.

On the GUI of the SDX, go to System > Network Configuration for the XenServer IP.

User-added imageUser-added image

2. After we get the XenServer IP, we SSH to it from the SVM shell by:

bash-2.05b# ssh

3. Once logged into the XenServer we need to get the uuid for the instance we want to perform the tasks on.

[root@netscaler-sdx ~]# xe vm-list

uuid ( RO) : 0a440743-8e5f-0cfa-b951-31ec5e295488

name-label ( RW): vijayn-11.0

power-state ( RO): running

4. With the uuid of the VM we could perform the following tasks:

[root@netscaler-sdx ~]# xe vm-



vm-destroy ===== Destroy instance



vm-shutdown ===== Shutdown instance

















vm-pause ===== Pause instance

vm-start ===== Start instance





vm-reboot ===== Reboot instance

vm-suspend ===== Suspend instance











vm-reset-powerstate ===== Reset Power State of instance (need to be used with –force)

vm-unpause ===== Unpause instance





vm-resume ===== Resume instance from suspend state




vm-list ===== List instance IDs




The commands need to be configured by: xe command VM=<UUID>


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ShareFile Web App Localization

The ShareFile web application can be viewed in localized languages based on your web browser’s default setting. Some buttons or menu items related to new ShareFile features may not be immediately localized upon release.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Spanish (Spain) – es_ES
  • French (France) – fr_FR
  • German (Germany) – de_DE
  • Simplified Chinese (China) – zh_CN
  • Japanese (Japan) – ja_JP
  • Russian (Russia) – ru_RU
  • Korean – ko
  • Dutch (Netherlands) – nl_NL
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – pt_BR

Note: If you select a language/locale that is not in the above list, the web application will default to English, except in cases where the root locale is supported, such as the following example: users set to fr_CA, will be shown fr_FR

Setting Your Language

The web app will automatically localize to the default language of your preferred web browser. Please ensure that you have set the appropriate language as your browser’s default.

In most cases, ShareFile will detect the browser language that is first in priority. Please adjust your language settings accordingly. (Example: Google Chrome, select the language you desire and use “Move to Top” to place it at the top of your language list.

To configure your browser’s language settings, please refer to the following articles:


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How to Use RightSignature on Android

Click the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner to be taken to the menu.

User-added image


The Documents tab displays all documents the user is a party to. Click on a specific document to display more details.

User-added image


All Templates in the account will be listed under this tab, with the most recently created one at the top.

User-added image

If there are Merge Fields, you will be prompted to enter merge data into the document before sending.


This tab lists your name and email address, the account you are logged into, and gives the option to Sign Out. The web app will need to be accessed in order to change any account information.

User-added image

Contact Support will send an email request to using the phone’s default email.


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