Be a Smart Port City of Call!

Port of Rotterdam Authority, Photographer: Eric Bakker Over the years, ports have constantly evolved and embraced innovation to stay relevant. Just think about the advent of the bridge crane and shipping containers, which radically transformed how materials were shipped and handled. Once again, the winds of change are blowing. Homogenous competition among ports is forcing operators to think about value innovation. With Brexit coming down the tracks and the US negotiating new global trade agreements, things look set to become even more complex. The current business model of seeking competitive advantage and profitable growth by focusing … READ MORE


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DPA: Networker Job Monitor collection requests time out.

Article Number: 480723 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Data Protection Advisor,Data Protection Advisor Family

Networker Job Monitor collection requests “jobquery” command returns a timeout and may have high CPU when data collection is running.

The Networker application failed to respond within the timeout configured.

Timeout values for job monitor can be increased in DPA as detailed in DPA KB 462807

NetWorker Job Monitor request fails with “Timeout from worker process while running request networker:jobmonitor”

Increasing the timeout as described in the KB for the collection request may help in some cases but not all.

If increasing the timeout does not help, the specific command the agent runs that times out can be identified by review of the DPA module test log.

A backup Administrator can run the command directly on the backup application. If a timeout is returned when run outside of DPA the issue can be investigated by Networker support. The issue may be with the format of the command or some problem with the backup application. Networker Support can offer guidance on this.


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Common Questions Related to Billing

This article answers some common questions related to Billing matters.

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Invoice Billing Notification Sent on 2/21/17

If you are an Administrator user on a ShareFile account utilizing Invoice billing, you may have received an email from about upcoming improvements to the Invoice billing experience.

Click here to view an article discussing those improvements in greater detail.

User-added image

NOTE: Fees for extra services or features, such as additional employee licenses, will be billed at the time of the order. You will initially be charged a prorated amount for the upgrade based on the number of days left until your regular billing date. Subsequently, you will be billed for all subscription charges on the normal billing date for your account. If you choose to cancel the extra features after your card has been billed for the month, you will not be reimbursed for the days you did not use the features. If you believe ShareFile has billed you incorrectly, you must contact ShareFile no later than 60 days after the closing date on the first billing statement in which the error or problem appeared, in order to receive an adjustment or credit. Inquiries should be directed via phone or email at

Modify a Billing Plan

ShareFile offers invoice billing to accounts on annual billing cycles. Monthly, quarterly and annual cycles are available.

To change your billing plan, access Admin Settings > Billing > Request Plan Changes (users that have not been updated to the New ShareFile can do so using the Admin link in the navigation bar, then selecting Edit Request Plan Changes in the sidebar.)

If you wish to switch to invoice billing, please contact ShareFile Support. Only employee users with the request plan changes permission can alter your billing plan.

View or Print Receipts and Billing Notifications

To view or print receipts or sign up for Billing Notifications, access Admin Settings > Billing > Receipts and Billing Notifications (users that have not been updated to the New ShareFile can do so using the Admin link in the navigation bar, then selecting View/Print Receipts in the sidebar.)

This link will only be available after your first billing and can only be accessed by employee users who have the “View Billing Receipts” and “Access Account-wide Reporting” permissions. This section will store all receipts for the entire length of your account.

There is an option to receive an email notification every time your account is billed and you can turn it on by selecting the checkbox for Send email notification when my account is billed. Select the checkbox and then click Add additional recipients to add a user that will receive Billing notifications.

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Bandwidth is a measure of the total data transfer activity on an account. Every time a file is uploaded or downloaded using your ShareFile account, bandwidth is used. Bandwidth is recorded on your account for any downloads, both complete or incomplete. Uploads count toward your bandwidth if they have been completed. Bandwidth resets to zero on the first of every month. Bandwidth and Storage can be checked in the Admin section of your ShareFile account.

If you exceed your monthly bandwidth, you will be charged a small overage fee to cover the amount of bandwidth used. When you reach 80% of your bandwidth limit for the month, a notification email is sent to the billing contact on your account warning that you are approaching your bandwidth limit. Another notification is sent when you reach 100% of your account’s bandwidth limit. If you exceed your bandwidth limit for the month, your account will continue to function and employees/clients will still be able to upload/download files without interruption. At the end of the month, your bandwidth overage will be totaled and you will be charged a per megabyte usage fee. Please note that the fee is dependent on your plan level. You can also purchase additional bandwidth on your plan, which is more cost-effective than the overage fee. You can purchase additional gigabytes of bandwidth to your account by accessing Admin Settings > Billing > Request Plan Changes.


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