Edit the Logo and Header

TheEdit Account Appearancemenu can be found underSettings>Admin Settings>Company Account Info> Edit Company Branding.

Under Edit Account Appearance, use Basic Options to customize the Page Title, Logo, HeaderBackground Color, and Accent Color. If at any time you wish to return to ShareFile Defaults, click the Use ShareFile Defaults link in the top right of the menu.

Additional categories for customization can be found under “Use the advanced appearance options.”

Advanced Appearance Options

By default, the Basic options page will use the page title, logo, header background color and accent colors that you selected. To customize additional advanced appearance options expand the following options explained below.

Browser Options

Page Title – The page title is a short description of your account (i.e. company name) and appears at the top of the browser window or tab. The default value is “ShareFile – Where Companies Connect.”

Favorite Icon – This icon will appear in the favicon area of the browser window or tab. The optimal size for a favicon is 16×16 pixels.

Header Options

Logo – This is the image that will display in the top left area of the masthead/header. It must be less than or equal to 399×79 pixels.

Background Image – This image sits behind the logo in the top portion of the masthead (header). This image can be any size, but will only display the first 80 vertical pixels and will tile/repeat horizontally and vertically.

Background Color – A solid color that sits behind the logo instead of a background image. The default background color is white but any HTML color code can be used. If both a color and an image are entered, the image will display, and not the color.

Text Color – Customize the text color of Help, Apps, and Log Out links in the header. Please note, if this color matches the color of your background image or background color, you may not be able to see the Help, Apps, and Log Out links.

Page Options

Accent Color – Choose the color of the accent bars along the top of the navigation bar and the side of content boxes.

Once you have made your desired login page changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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Unable to Access the Citrix Cloud Studio Portal – Error “Manage Page Could Not be Loaded.”

To resolve this issue:

  1. Clear the Browser cache and cookies.

  2. Relaunch the Browser.

  3. Try accessing the Studio again.

  4. Try incognito/Inprivate browsing mode

  5. Try with a different admin account.

  6. Try from a different computer/Network.

  7. Check https://status.cloud.com/ for any outage being reported.

If these steps do not help, contact Citrix Technical support for further troubleshooting.


Spotted “Chrome Elevation Service” Virus or Malware Please Help

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Hi Guys,

We have Symantec Endpoint Protection on our systems, however, looking through task manager I have found Elevation_Service.exe It is causing our laptops cpu usage to go up for no reason even though nothing is running in the task bar? We have run full system scans which took a couple hours and came out clean however I am still very concerned about it and wanted to ask other peoples opinions, Does it mean the chrome browsers have been hijacked? I have done some research and found out it is Google Chrome trying to do some sort of updates in the background causing load on the CPU. According to this site https://securedyou.com/what-is-google-chrome-elevation-service-exe/ I have followed what they suggested and got rid of it manually but it keeps coming back once you reboot the system? Any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated, can someone please confirm that this is not a virus and is harmless. Thank you



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Google Taps Ex-Ripple Employee For New Chrome Payment System

Google Taps Ex-Ripple Employee For New Chrome Payment SystemRipple


Christine Vasileva| Jan 30, 2020 | 08:00

Google’s decision to reform its in-browser payment system shows the intention to build a unified payment protocol to avoid fraud. The new draft has been backed by former Ripple talent, and may tap into W3C ideas for in-browser payments.

Google’s Move Still Hinges on Draft Ideas, Yet to be Realized in Chrome

While Google has been cautious about directly using cryptocurrencies, the effect of distributed payment protocols has been increasing. According to a recent Gizmodo report, the tech giant is looking to build a new payment handler API which will launch initially on the iOS version of Google’s Chrome web browser.

Google has decided to suspend paid Chrome extensions and switch to an interoperable W3C standard that will roll out on iOS first

The new system will employ the ideas and efforts of Adrian Hope-Bailie, creator of Hyperledger and former Ripple employee.

Google Is Changing How Chrome Handles Payments, Starting With iPhones, build around W3C’s Payment Handler API – co-chaired by ex @Ripple employee, @Interledger creator, and current Head of services @Coil Adrian Hope-Bailie @ahopebailie


— Tehol_Beddict_XRP (@TeholBeddictXRP) January 30, 2020

While the proposal is still in draft form, the intention is to realize the new technology, based on the vision of World Wide Web Consortium. The optimistic take on this connection suggests Ripple’s ideas might find a way with Google.

However, a more skeptical take lands on the suggested W3C Github page, where the draft of the proposal is conspicuously missing, replaced with a quote by science fiction writer Douglas Adams.

But the hopes for this project were immediately taken as a sign that Ripple’s ideas may eventually take off, replacing varied payment gateways and wallets with solutions at the protocol level. Ripple currently has a nascent system that provides liquidity and connectivity outside the boundaries of the banking system.

As for in-browser payments, they are a part of the growing trend of fintech solutions, which still undoubtedly face multiple glitches, limitations, and even fraud.

Tech Giant Remains Wary of Cryptocurrencies

How far Google is dedicated to the idea of reform remains unknown. So far, Google has only connected to W3C as a sponsor. Google separately partnered with Hyperledger last year to explore online identity tools.

But overall, Google and its app store have been skeptical of some crypto-based solutions, especially given the possibilities for fraud or money-laundering. The store recently blocked MetaMask for a short spell, dealing a blow to one of the most widely used ad-ons for Ethereum and token payments.

Yet Ripple and XRP are hungry for any news of potential adoption, as the company enters 2020 with an optimistic view. Ripple has also consolidated its product and is one of the few companies in the crypto space to be expanding its staff.

XRP, however, remains relatively unmoved by the news. The asset hiked up to $0.23, but has not seen a more active rally since the summer of 2019. The asset still expects long-term growth and the potential return to higher valuations.

What do you think of XRP’s chances to lead a revolution of payment systems? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images via Shutterstock, Twitter @TeholBeddictXRP

Cloud users have Workspace web access issue in some ISP networks with Error “Cannot find this website” or “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND”

Please use DNS over Https function in Firefox as a workaround.

1.In firefox, open settings and select options.

2.In the general panel, click “settings” button next to the “Network Settings” section.

3.Check the setting “Enable DNS over HTTPS”

For more information of enable “DNS over HTTPS” in Firefox, please refer to Firefox KB


For other browsers, please search corresponding “DNS over HTTPS” settings of the browser.

If you applied above workaround but still encounter issues (e.g. no response after clicking the applications or desktops in the workspace page), you may try to use some 3rd party solutions of system level DNS over HTTPS. Please refer to https://developers.cloudflare.com/ for Cloudflare DoH solution.


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When will the Google Chrome v78/79 “Aw Snap” issue be fixed (not worked-around)?

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


I know Symantec has release the following workaround – https://support.symantec.com/us/en/article.tech256047.html – for the Google Chrome 78/79 ‘Aw Snap…’ issue.

I also noticed that SEP 14.2 RU2 was released on November 12, 2019, and the release notes don’t mention this issue been fixed.

When does SEP plan to address this issue?




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