When propagating the changes from storefront server, getting Event ID 31.

” An error has occurred during the all server configuration update process.

An error occurred running the command: ‘Add-DSFeatureInstances’

The element identified by the instruction ‘addElement’ at (6,4) with attribute ‘xpath’, value ‘/configuration/container/componenets’, already exists

At line:1 char:1

+ Add-DSPnaProtocolAuthentication -ParentInstanceID——-”


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Identify UpdateParty MDM transaction has updated any elements in database

Hi ,
If updateParty transaction is hit several times with the same xml request, I need to identify whether any data element got updated in database. Ideally I need to iterate thrugh all the DWLStatus elements present in the response.

Is it possible to convert DWLREsponse object from UpdateParty transaction into XML and use xpath to traverse through the xml.

Or Is there any way to get all DWLStatus elements present in the response.

MDM version – 11.5


What level of XPath is used in the product?

Within XML processing, we have a command called “XML: Execute XPath Function”. This is great … however, what I’d like to know is which release of XPath is supported. We now appear to have three releases:

– XPath 1.0
– XPath 2.0
– XPath 3.0

Each one adds more function than before but they are not downwardly compatible. For example, I tried to use an XPath 2.0 construct:

if (/state/var1) then /state/var1 else “default”

(The intent was to retrieve the value of the node at /state/var1 if it exists and use “default” if not).

When I tried this, I got a syntax error. Now it is possible I coded something badly … but it is also very possible that the AA product only supports XPath 1.0 … and hence the error could be due to that …. and hence the question.


Facing issue while updating XML file using “Update XML File with XPath” plugin


I am setting up CD for Web application on Windows. I am trying to update the connection string in Web.config file.
Web Config XML file text:

“Replace with Text” field of “Update XML File with XPath” plugin

//configuration/connectionStrings/add[@name=’DbConnection’]/@connectionString->Data Source=,1433;Initial Catalog=database;user id=sa;password=password;Connection Timeout=0;

Nothing is happening on executing. XML file is not getting updated. Please help.