Product Activation Error – No response from mail – SPSS Modeler 18.2

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Answer by EgeOr (640) |Jan 15 at 05:59 AM

Hi @ana_m ,

Could you provide your 20-digit authorization code by replying the private post which I am going to send you soon.

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    Admin Console Error Page Exception , Can’t login anymore.

    At WAS 8.5.x we can’t get to the adminconsole.

    We see the following:
    [11/23/18 15:34:31:632 EST] 0000006e SystemErr R org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.PackageNotFoundException: Package with uri ‘’ not found. (file:/opt/Apps/WebSphere/was8.5/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/config/cells/br1dlvfsg003Node01Cell/security.xml, 66, 118)

    How do we fix it?


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    IIB V10 SOAP Request node throws UnsupportedEncodingException: ibm-5348

    Looking for help interpreting the Exception message.
    I read a file with the FileInput node and consume a SOAP web service with a SOAP Request node.

    The data coming out of the “Failure” terminal of the SOAP Request is,
    ![alt text][1]

    The Exception is,
    Frame : 0 ibm-5348

    Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.

    [1]: /answers/storage/temp/25740-soap.png


    OpenVPN (OPNSense) and DNSMASQ (Pi-Hole) DSM

    I have created 2 new DSMs (OpenVPN and DNSMASQ (Pi-Hole)) that are available on GitHub with instructions on how to utilize them with QRadar. They are currently running in my home lab environment without issues and I wanted to share them incase anybody else is running similar applications/services and they want to utilize them with QRadar. I utilize both OPNSense (OpenVPN Server) and Pi-Hole (DNSMASQ Server) that will send the logs to QRadar.

    **Note:** They are a WIP project, but I believe I have mapped all the events that they send to QRadar.

    **DNSMASQ (Pi-Hole):**

    **OpenVPN (OPNSense):**

    If you have any additional questions let me know below or you can create an issue on the GitHub repositories and I will review them as I get free time. As always thanks for the IBM team and all that they do to support QRadar!


    Can WebSphere Full Profile scope Requiring Client Certificate authentication to certain paths?

    I would like to know whether WebSphere Full Profile (8.5.5.x or 9.x) has any capability to make the SSL Settings QoP “Client authentication” Required for **only** a specific path of an application?

    The use-case is that a customer wants to use it for mutual authentication of REST APIs, but not require it for a user interface application that users log in to using a totally different authentication method. Both applications are deployed in the same .ear file.

    Currently it appears that the configuration of Client authentication is done at the Cell or Node level through


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