Catalyst Blockchain Platform Is Now Available On Corda – CIO Review

IntellectEU is a Hyperledger Service Provider certified by Hyperledger, and the company has a cooperation with leading protocol designer R3, with an experienced team of R3 Corda-certified developers on staff.

FREMONT, CA: Catalyst Blockchain Platform enables clients to effortlessly deploy, administer, and maintain blockchain networks and applications through automated procedures and an easy user interface.

The Catalyst Blockchain Platform is now accessible on Corda, R3’s next-generation blockchain technology aimed at highly regulated markets. Both Corda Open Source and Corda Enterprise users benefit from Catalyst’s highly automated procedures and intuitive user interface, which simplify their blockchain networks’ creation, implementation, and management.

The importance of privacy on Corda cannot be overstated. The protocol allows network participants to conduct scalable, secure data transactions while maintaining the highest privacy and security. In addition, Corda’s distributed applications have a unique peer-to-peer architecture that maximizes confidentiality, while Corda’s peer-to-peer architecture provides remarkable flexibility and interoperability.

Because of these features, Corda is excellent for use by financial institutions and financial service providers, governments, healthcare providers, insurers, and other regulated organizations.

“On Corda, Catalyst Blockchain Platform brings a whole new frontier of data privacy and ease of use to blockchain network development. It is especially relevant for those operating in challenging regulatory contexts, and we are extremely proud to be able to offer these organizations an easy pathway to blockchain adoption,” said Yana Koldra, Head of Product Management, IntellectEU.

By lowering technical obstacles to access, the Catalyst Blockchain Platform on Corda takes all of the protocol’s strengths and makes them easier and faster to operate. As a result, users may create complicated Corda infrastructure with just a few clicks, without coding, and highly automated and optimized procedures using Catalyst.


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