Eight New Organizations Join Hyperledger

Hyperledger has announced that the eight new organizations from across the globe have joined the company and now the part of the company. The organizations include IOHK, DB Systel GmbH, IOVlabs, Atomyze by Tokentrust AG, Binarystar and Public Mint.

The company allows the organizations to create concrete industry-focused platforms, hardware and applications to support seamless transactions over their platform by integrating open source and enterprise-grade ledger frameworks, tools and libraries.

The company has offered a number of blockchain technology projects, including client libraries, utility libraries, small contract engines, graphical interfaces, sample applications and distributed ledger framework. All the company’s code is built under license from Apache.

Executive Director of Company, Brian Behlendorf said, “While the dramatic developments over the last few months have created a new and unexpected set of challenges for all of us, the enterprise blockchain community has shown great solidarity and is now focused on new ways forward.”

“As a technology, blockchain is and will play an important role of adding trust and transparency to the most essential of transactions and communications. It’s never been clearer that we are past the proof of concept stage for enterprise blockchain. As our line-up of new members underscore, the Hyperledger community is about putting blockchain to work in impactful ways around the world and across industries,” Brian Behlendorf further added.

CTO at Atomyze by Tokentrust AG, Bertalan Vecsei said, “At Atomyze, we envision to facilitate the digitization and tokenization of commodities and enable them to be traded in a simple and secure way, as well as provide accessibility to illiquid markets.”

“To make this a reality, we have strengthened key partnerships and are in development of a new and next-generation eco-system, with Hyperledger Fabric at its core. We are thrilled to be part of the Hyperledger community and look forward to the continued collaboration,” Bertalan Vicsei concluded.

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