Hyperledger Announces Onboarding of EMURGO Into Blockchain Consortium

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Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has revealed in a tweet on September 9 2020 the addition of EMURGO and eight other tech firms into its ecosystem. The onboarding of new members is expected to foster blockchain adoption in different sectors.

EMURGO, Visa Lead List of New Members

The notable new additions include EMURGOthe commercial arm of blockchain platform Cardano and payment processing Visa. Hyperledger further explained in a detailedblog postthat the addition of the eight companies was part of the consortium’s plans of expanding blockchain adoption towards addressing real-world problems.

The other members that have joined EMURGO and Visa include Chainstack, SIX and Digital Exchange while companies such as SAP, Tech Mahindra, NEC and Tencent have moved a notch and upgraded to certified suppliers of services.

EMURGO and Visa become part of the group of official partners in the Hyperledger training area, where they are empowered to make use of blockchain technology to create different use cases that can be implemented in products and services promoted by the consortium.

EMURGO CEO Kan Kodama revealed in a statement that Cardano network was pleased to join a consortium of organizations that were building solid infrastructures with blockchain technology. He further commented that being part of the Hyperledger ecosystem would enable synergy of information and resources towards providing real solutions that cater to customer needs.

‘’Becoming a part of Hyperledger’s world class open community enables fellow members with a wealth of varied experiences to strategically exchange valuable resources and collaborate on furthering the maturation of the overall blockchain ecosystem with real solutions to meet the needs of clients.”

Cardano Makes Key Wallet Upgrade

Cardano is one of the most popular blockchain platforms within the crypto space and led by Charles Hoskinson.

Cardano has been making improvements to its existing infrastructure with the blockchain platform recently releasing a new extension for its Yoroi wallet on google chrome webstore.

The extension comes with new features that enable users to withdraw rewards from the dashboard it also allows undelegating ADA that has been marked for staking.

This update was in response to recent complaints by community members regarding the functionality of its desktop wallet.

The blockchain has been working on delivering a mainnet network that would incorporate several attributes with scalability a key factor for the blockchain.

Following the launch of Shelley fork some months back, Cardano is inching closer to the next phase of its mainnet named “Goguen.”

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