Lost at Sea No More – Busan Launches Hyperledger-Based Logistics Platform

The Busan Port Authority (BPA) will launch their integrated logistics platform Chain Portal. The Hyperledger-powered platform is expected to increase efficiency of port operations and cargo movements. A pilot for the platform will be run for the next two weeks until the scheduled hard launch on the 6th of April.

Chain Portal boasts an efficient and practical information sharing system that collects and shares information about cargo and ship movements through Korea’s largest, and Asia’s 6th largest container port. BPA will provide ITT and terminal status information in real-time to users around the world. Users can download and integrate the openAPI into their website to track the information being broadcast on the service, increasing the transparency of the platform.

The ITT system shares information to shipping companies, carriers, terminal operators, and transport operators when transporting cargo from dock to dock. Up until now, operators complained of lag in their preparation capabilities due to a lack of usable information. With the new system, operators will be able to audit any number of actionable details about shipments and prepare for their efficient distribution with greater foresight.

Some of the shipping details available on Chain Portal’s front page.

In 2018, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Martime Affairs and Fisheries looked to establish a blockchain-based integrated issuance service between container docks to pilot a system to enhance port logistics through. An official from BPA stated that after verifying the feasibility of blockchain integration into port logistics technology with the previous pilot project, they moved forward with the plans to develop Chain Portal.

BPA plans to prioritize the ITT system aspect of Chain Portal to Busan New Port, which consists of Busan New Port International Terminal, Busan New port, Hanjin Busan Container Terminal, PSA Hyundai Busan New Port, BNC, and Busan New Port Multi-purpose Terminal. They plan to apply the new system to all of Busan Port by the second half of 2020.

Overall, Chain Portal is expected to reduce terminal congestion, improve productivity, reduce load/unload times, and increase distribution efficiency. An official at BPA lauds the platform as the beginning of BPA’s role as a leader for other ports to adopt blockchain technology into their daily operations to improve service quality overall.

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