Nuspay’s XHYRE- A New Adversary in the Real Estate Asset Exchange Platform

It’s time to retire the traditional Real Estate markets. People that are involved in this industry are in a state of anguish because of their lack of openness. However, in this day and age, it is quite easy to be duped by con artists. As a solution to these issues, XHYRE can be transparent without compromising security with Hyperledger Fabric, a state-of-the-art Hyperledger Environment.

XHYRE is built on decentralized technology hence recorded any type of data is tamper-proof. In a conventional medium, even after dealing with the hassles of the paperwork, there is still the issue of these being in unsafe areas where the asset title could be duplicated or tampered. XHYRE can assure the security of these papers along with the tamperproof title & history of the asset through Decentralized technology.

XHYRE also incorporates an independent platform for the sale of properties that can be partially owned, independently owned or it can also be owned by corporations or cooperatives, where a group of investors could own the whole property or in a fractional manner. Prestigious & Landmark assets could be utilized as gift items like a piece of gold, diamond, and other valuable securities through the XHYRE Platform. It represents the exact area and location resembling a tiny piece of the property which represents the security block hence works as the new sets of assets blocks.

XHYRE assists to create an ecosystem that incorporates all the major stakeholders like the asset owners, asset buyers, government agencies, auditors, banks & financial institutions. No price premiums are required from the registered users to purchase or sell an asset on XHYRE. The transaction records are replicated across nodes, there are many verifiable sources of truth, which is what Hyperledger Fabric aims to achieve. An important feature is that transactions may be authenticated and tracked in real-time without relying on any central authority, whether it’s from a single business, bank, or clearinghouse.

A futuristic Panorama

The future of real estate is one where investments become much more liquid, more accessible & transparent as these revolutionary changes will be driven largely by decentralized & innovative technologies which facilitate immutable transaction records, asset digitization, and title registration with transparent history. As a result, benefits will open up markets for new investors to bloom up the real estate revolution. A greater number of parties will emerge to manage ownership, liquidity, and risk much more effectively. Just like the Internet opened up a new way to transact and communicate, XHYRE promises to transform real estate property funding, development, ownership transfer mechanism, and investment management much more effectively & efficiently.


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