Sony wants to provide increased cybersecurity for educational institutions through blockchain tech

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Blockchain first appeared as part of the backbone of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, all have their own blockchains that keep track of all transactions that have occurred and all the coins that have been mined. The blockchain are secure and resistant to data modification thanks to the use of cryptographic codes. But the use of blockchains is not limited to cryptocurrencies. It can be used in economic endeavors, or it can secure a specific network, like, for example, a school network. Speaking of schools, Sony Corporation and Sony Global Education have developed a system that integrates blockchain tech with the field of education. This type of blockchain will reliably centralize “the management of data from multiple educational institutions and makes it possible to record and reference educational data and digital transcripts.” So the system records information in a difficult to falsify way and controls access to recorded information, making it possible to reliably disclose information to authorized third parties.

Sony intends to distribute this technology to multiple educational institutions. In order to develop the educational blockchain, Sony implemented the system via the IBM Cloud and used the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 framework.

The new system facilitates the creation of a huge database of schools and students in a given region. If, for whatever reason, students are forced to change schools, they can easily transfer all their important records to the new institution. Faculties can check registration documents, attendance, grades and even the lesson plans that previous teachers have used. Moreover, Sony claims that the blockchain also makes it possible to improve the curriculum and management of a specific educational institution with the aid of record analysis powered by artificial intelligence.

Sony Global Education is looking to collaborate with many educational institutions and tailor the service to their needs while working towards a 2018 rollout.


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