What is Hyperledger? – Tech Recruiting Foundations – LinkedIn

– One term you are definitely going to see on your travels through the world of blockchain recruitment is Hyperledger. So it’s important that we understand its significance. Hyperledger is not a product or a currency. It is an open source hub or collaborative movement that promotes cross-industry blockchain applications development. It is hosted by the Linux Foundation, and it includes over 100 representative companies, pretty much from all industry sectors, from finance to IoT. So these include IBM, Samsung, American Express and JP Morgan. Notably, however, the thought leaders within Hyperledger have declared their aversion to ever building their own cryptocurrency. So you’ll never see a Hyperledger coin, and that’s their pledge. We shall see. This is what comes across as a very pure and open environment. It’s got a very pure and open feel about the thought leaders in there. They have this thing called the…


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