Bluemix Essentials: Cloud Foundry cannot authenticate with federated IDate with my

I’m taking the Bluemix Essentials course, and am at Lab 2: deploy and update the application by using the cf CLI. I’m using command “cf l -a”, as described in step 8. In step 9, it asks me to log in to Bluemix from the command line.
When I enter my credentials, I get the following error message:
*Server error, status code: 403, error code: unauthorized, message: BMXLS0202E: You are using a federated user ID, please use one time code to login with option –sso.*
I don’t know how to get that one time code from a command line, and am not able to proceed further with the tutorial. I’m an info dev, trying to learn more about Bluemix before writing Help content.


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