Cannot connect to Openstack Instance via horizon, but SSH works?

I’ve got an OpenStack deployment running inside a VM for testing purposes. My setup is as follows: Host Ubuntu x64 with Virtualbox -> Guest Ubuntu x64 with OpenStack -> Ubuntu X64 Server Test Instances through Openstack.

I realize it is of no practical use, but as said, it is for testing purposes only. I successfully launched an instance, binding it to and (host is and I can successfully ssh into it from either the host or the guest VM with ssh -i key.pem ubuntu@ (or Unfortunately, the NoVNC via Horizon does not work (Starting VNC handshake -> Failed to connect).

The relevant lines from my nova.conf are the following:


So I’m not sure what’s going wrong. The keypair that matches the .pem file I ssh with is of course coupled with the instance, and the instance is Active and Running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: nova get-vnc-console [id] novnc correctly supplies me with a link to vnc into the vm, but it also fails to connect.

Edit 2: To clarify: I have an active, running instance that successfully launched through the OpenStack dashboard. I can ping the instance, I can ssh into it (using 'ssh -i key.pem ip), but I cannot access it through VNC (specifically novnc on the dashboard). Trying to access the VM through the URL nova supplies through get-vnc-console does not work either. What I wish to do is access this instance via VNC.


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