Avamar: Avamar client software conflicts with third-party business application

Article Number: 498768 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Avamar Client for Windows

After successfully installing the Avamar Client, a third party service crashes. Removing the Avamar Client corrects the behavior.

The Avamar client installation adds “C:Program Filesavsbin” to the environment variable “$PATH” on a Windows Server.

The third party service also places “C:Program FilesNuanceRecognizerbinSSLeay32.dll” to the environment variable “$PATH” on the Windows Server.

Before the Avamar Client installation, the third party service loads the “ssleay32.dll” as C:Program FilesNuanceRecognizerbinSSLeay32.dll.

After installing the Avamar Client, the third party service loads the “ssleay32.dll” as C:Program Filesavsbinssleay32.dll causing the service to terminate due to an unexpected dll.

Remove the “C:Program Filesavsbin” from “$PATH” in the environment variable after the Avamar Client installation. Environment variable “$PATH” specifies the directories in which executable programs are located on the machine that can be started without knowing and typing the whole path to the file on the command line.

Alternatively, move the “C:Program Filesavsbin” entry in the Path parameter in Environment Variables from the first item to the last, thereby changing the priority for the custom application software to be higher on the list.

Also, check to see if the “libeay32.dll” and “ssleay32.dll” files are present in the avsbin directory.

The main problem is that those 2 files, which are 32bit, should not be in avsbin directory, which is a 64bit directory. Those files should be present also in the avsbin32 directory. So those two files can simply be deleted from avsbin, without changing the env var PATH, and that should fix the issue.

The “libeay32.dll” and ssleay32.dll” files are not part of Windows, they are SSL library DLLs that come with Avamar, as well as other software.


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