Avamar Isilon – browse Isilon hangs after the browser password is entered but does not show /ifs

Article Number: 498454 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Avamar Plug-in for NDMP 7.3.100-233

Fresh configuration.

When browsing the Isilon in the Avamar GUI, after the browse password is entered, the /ifs dir is not displayed.

No errors or warnings.

Running ‘avsetupndmp’ on the Accelerator node and selecting edit, the client fails authenticating the NDMP user.

Password configuration.

Fresh install.

Verify NDMP user and av-browse-admin users on Isilon.

You can use curl to test from Accelerator to Isilon…

curl -vk -u “<username>” -X GET ‘https://<node_IP>:8080/namespace/<access_point>’

For example, to get the content listing of /ifs:

curl -vk -u “root” -X GET ‘

Verify that the NDMP protocol is enabled on the Isilon.

On Isilon GUI > Data protection > protocol, ndmp

> make sure ndmp service is checked

> save settings.

telnet to the Isilon as root

run the following commands.

# isi ndmp settings global view

should show ndmp port 10000 and dma: generic

# isi ndmp user ls

Output should be similar to the following…





The error we saw described above was because NDMP did not have permissions to run NDMP jobs

To add the NDMP user an NDMP authorized user should run this command on the Isilon:

# isi ndmp user create ndmp –password PASSWORD

Where PASSWORD is the password you want to use.

On the Accelerator node, if you exited ‘avsetupndmp’, start again, accepting the current settings.

At the menu, edit the client.

Accept the defaults up to the request for the NDMP password.

Enter the password for the NDMP user just created on the Isilon.

If you left the ‘avsetupndmp’ program running and waiting for the password, enter the NDMP password as prompted.

Once completed, go back to the Avamar Admin GUI > Backup & Restore

Browse the client.

Now the /ifs should show up and allow you to browse down into it.


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