Connecting to ECS with S3 Browser

S3 Browser is a freeware Windows client for Amazon S3 that provides a simple web service GUI to easily store and retrieve data in your ECS environment. The S3 Browser application can be downloaded here. Once installed, follow the steps below to configure a connection to ECS via the S3 protocol. When connecting directly to a node in ECS, use port 9020 (http) or 9021 (https). If connecting through a load balancer, it’s likely that you’ll instead use port 80 (http) or 443 (https).

Upon opening S3 Browser for the first time, you should be automatically prompted to add a new S3 account. If not, you can click Accounts/Add new account…


You can obtain the object user name and S3 secret key from the user configuration in the ECS portal (GUI).


Fill in the account information as follows for connecting directly to a node in your ECS.


Type an account name and choose S3 Compatible Storage from the dropdown menu. The REST endpoint will be the IP address of one of the nodes in your rack including the correct port for http/https 9020/9021. Copy and paste your object user name and secret key from the ECS portal (GUI). Finally, be sure to check Use secure transfer (SSL/TLS) if you’re connecting via secure port on ECS. After all information is entered, click the Add new account button. The buckets in your namespace should list and be visible in the left window pane.



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