ECS: How to mount NFS share on Windows client

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Issue: How to mount NFS share on Windows client


1. Make sure you have install the NFS service. You can verify it by checking below steps:

Open Widnows regedit, Start–>Run–>Regedit,


If you can see the ClientForNFS, then it means that you have install the NFS service.

If you did not install it, Contal panel–> Turn Widnows feature on or off, Check the check-box for Service for NFS. Then Windows will install it.

2. On the ECS side, configure the NFS share. Please refer to Administration guide, search for NFS part

3. In windows regedit, need New DWORD (32-bit) AnonymousUid and AnonymousGid to be 0 (or other UID/GID you use to map in the ECS) under below path:


4. Mount the NFS share on your windows CMD line:

mount -o “nolock,sec=sys” 10.x.x.x:/<Namespace name you used>/<Bucket name you used> <Windows path>:

eg: C:Userszhangw10>mount -o “nolock,sec=sys” 10.x.x.x:/walkerns/walkernfs y:

10.x.x.x = Public IP of ECS node.

5. Please be noted that each time when you Windows restarts, you need to re-mount the NFS share


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