EXCHANGE 2013 DAG, GLR &RDB restore is failing


We have Exchange Dag 2013 contains of 3 nodes, using NMM

The restore ends with showing only the DB but nothing inside it, I cant see any of the MB or anything only the DB

And then it gives out this error:

Unable to query MAPI interface. Verify that:

– MAPI/CDO version 1.2.1 or later is installed

– The logged in user has sufficient privilege to access mailbox – Execute from Exchange admininistrator’s account the following powershell command:

get-mailboxserver <machine name/virtual servar name> | add-adpermission -user <logged-in user> -accessrights ExtendedRight -extendedrights Send-As, Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin

– The logged in user should be a part of the following groups in AD:

Backup Operators, Domain Users, Exchange Servers, Organization Management(Exchange 2010 only), Exchange Organization Administrators (Exchange 2007 only).

– The logged in user’s mailbox still exists and active.

Log into the mailbox using Outlook or Outlook Web Access for the logged in user.

– The logged in user’s mailbox is not hidden from Global Address List(GAL).

– There is only one GAL – Default Global Address List – present and user is member of that GAL.

– The mailbox database having logged-in user is mounted.

– Exchange server where mailbox database is located is not available or down – check to ensure that the Exchange server hosting the mailbox database is operational and available.

– Microsoft Information Store service is running.

– Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service is running.

– Exchange 2010 SP1 Roll-up 6 or later (Exchange 2010 only) is installed.

– Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access (Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 only) is running.

-Client Access Array (Exchange 2010 only)is reachable.

Server XXX is not capable of RDB operations.

We checked everything on the list and still we are stuck with the same error the only thing (- Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service is running.) this service is not available ion Exchange 2013, however not sure if its the issue.

NMMBackupuser, has all the required rights.

I also noticed the below error after the mount is done, if I want to change the CAS server

Entered server is not having CAS role installed. Please enter Client Access Server(CAS) to browse mail items in RDB.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at EMC.RemotePowershellBase.DumpResults(Collection`1 results)

at EMC.RemotePowershellBase.RunPowershellCommand[T](String strCommand, List`1 parameters)

at EMC.Exchange2010ManagementShellImpl.SetRPCClientAccessServer(String dbName, String clientAccessServerName)

at EMC.Exchange2010ManagementShellImpl.SetCAStoRDBs(String CASServerName)

at EMC.NetWorker.Exchange2010PlugIn.ChangeCAS_Server.Ok_Button_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

CAS Server entered is not valid or not reachable.Please enter a valid CAS Array or Server. : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

And also from the logs I noticed this error:

NSR critical adsutil(4037): Could not open EMS Store for Exchange server: XXX, status 0x80040111.

And for the throttling policy its set correctly as requested from EMC.

Appreciate if anyone can assist on this issue.

Thanks in advance


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