GUI policy manager shows version old version for NDMP clients after the client was upgraded.[1]

Article Number: 498815 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

Avamar Client for Linux, UNIX, MacOSX,Avamar Plug-in for NDMP

After upgrade of a Linux/Unix/NDMP client, the previous version

is displayed in activity window(client version column) and policy windows(version).

See examples below……

User-added image

User-added image

The client plug-in was upgraded but the information had not been send to the grid yet. The client needs to re-register to the grid to update it’s version information.

This does not limit the functionality of Avamar to successfully complete any backups.

Run avregister from the client side as root.

More information on avregister can be found in the

NDMP Accelerator User Guide.

There are different guides for Dell EMC, NetApp and Oracle-ZFS NAS devices.

For example, for our 7.3 release, the guides would be…




It is also discussed in the Backup Clients Users guide for Linux/Unix based clients.

an example, for our 7.3 release, the guide would be..


You can get these documents from the Dell EMC support web page.


# avregister

=== Client Registration and Activation

This script will register and activate the client with the Administrator server.

Enter the Administrator server address (DNS text name or numeric IP address, DNS name preferred):

Enter the Avamar server domain [clients]:

avagents will be restarted for all clients

NOTE: all clients will be registered to the Administrator server given (Avamar Grid)

and the same Avamar server domain given.


You may need to use the Avamar Admin GUI > Policy > client tab > select the client

un-check the activated box.

User-added image

You can start here and un-check the activated box for each client you will run avregister for

or wait till it complains that it can’t register a client that is already activated.

On an NDMP accelerator, you only have to run avregister once for all clients on the box.

All clients will be registered to the same domain.

after this, refresh the admin GUI and you should see the new version.


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