Inherited a problem I think

So the background:

I started my current position about a year and a half ago. We currently have a VNX5100 which we are migrating away from due to other requirements. I plan on keeping the VNX around for testing purpose though. The previous admin created one RAID5 group of 4.5 TB LUN and a POOL of 10.9 TB as a LUN. I did have to replace a few of the drives about 5 months into my employment. Now the problem is that on the 4.5LUN. These LUNS are attached to my VCenter for VM use.

Skip ahead to last week, and including up to today.

I have migrated a bunch of my smaller VMs from the 4.5 no problem, but now as I get to the last 2 which contain about 1.5 TB each of data on that 4.5 TB LUN, they fail. I get an I/O error. I Had VMware look at the issue and he says its on the storage side and has given me the codes that show up.

“- The errors are on the VNX-4.5TB Storage Aray and have the sense codes 0x0 0x2 0x0 and sense data 0x3 0x11 0x0

– I decoded these scsi sense codes which shows an issue with the storage array medium error.”

I went to look at the LUN itself and check the disks I found that… well just chek out the screen shot


I Have got to get the data off of these as both of the VMs that have a VMDK stuck on this LUN have medical data for hundreds of patients. and a database.

Any help appreciated.


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