Merging a client index back together


Windows 2012r2

Hi all,

I encountered an issue in which a particular client index has reached a very large size…..665gb (yes, gigabytes) over the past couple years. The reason is that this backup points to Isilon, and backs up all of the NFS and CIF shares on there. I believe I saw where there are 200,000,000+ files in there, and retention on them is anywhere from 5 weeks to 13 years, so that I can browse for them whenever needed. Because of the nature of what we do, there’s never any telling what Im going to be asked for or when. So, I have a ton of files that must be searchable for a very long time, so Im aware of why this index is so big. My main two options are continuing to grow the volumes on the Networker server (which someday, just wont work anymore), or running my Index entry backups to tape to retain them for that long retention, but then having to recall both the index backup tapes AND the data tapes as well for older restores, which is also an option Im not really happy with.

Because that index started getting so big, I was running out or room on that volume. I stood up another volume, and redirected the index path to the new volume, and backups of this client have been pointing there. I was able to get my original volume expanded enough so that it can now hold both parts of the client index, and I now want to merge them back together. I always get a lot of requests for restores, and I have to stop the backups, point the index path back to its original location before i can perform a restore, if the data is needed from before I separated the index.

So, in short, how can i merge the secondary part of the index back into the original index? Inside of the client index folder, i can see the backup subfolders created daily, but I dont want to simply copy those over to the original index and assume all would be well. That would probably work, but might break something at the same time.

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